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Book Review // The Hand on the Wall (Truly Devious #3)

It's always difficult to read the final book in a beloved series. Not only is there the sadness of saying goodbye to favorite characters, but it's also inevitable that you're going to come into it with so many expectations and so much that you're hoping to see. Still, I allowed myself to fully lean into… Continue reading Book Review // The Hand on the Wall (Truly Devious #3)

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Review: The Vanishing Stair by Maureen Johnson

Hellooo lovelies! Happy Saturday! We've made it to the freaking weekend, thank the gods, right? I hope you all kicked some major butt and got stuff done this week 🙂 Today I'm coming at you with a good ol' book review and, if you've read my wrap up for February, you probably know I already loved… Continue reading Review: The Vanishing Stair by Maureen Johnson

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I Read…Some Things? (February Wrap-Up)

Hellooo lovelies! Happy Wednesday! Can you guys believe that it's going to be March already? It felt like it was New Years just yesterday! I wish I could say that I got a lot of reading done in the month of February, but really, I only read three books...Granted they were pretty beefy books, but… Continue reading I Read…Some Things? (February Wrap-Up)

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It’s Raaaaaining Booooks (Birthday Book Haul)

Helloooo lovelies! Happy Wednesday! How's your week going so far? Let me tell you, I went a little crazy today, but in my defense I needed it. Work was just very...not fun and fresh today. Not that it was bad per say, but it could've been better, but I digress. A little back story: my 25th… Continue reading It’s Raaaaaining Booooks (Birthday Book Haul)