Movie Review – Home

Summary  An alien on the run from his own people makes friends with a girl. He tries to help her on her quest, but can be an interference. Review I love this movie so much, I've probably watched it over twenty times since it came out. Jim Parsons and Rihanna did such a great job [...]


Queer Eye Season 2

Oh if you just thought season 1 was amazing you are in for a treat. The first episode brought me to tears. Tammy was one of the most amazing people they have had on the show. She loved God and showed all 5 of these men the same love as everyone else. Summary A new [...]

Queer Eye – Season 1

About  A new Fab Five set out to Atlanta to help the city's straight men refine their wardrobes, grooming, diet, cultural pursuits, and home décor. The Guys  From Left to Right  Tan France (Fashion), Jonathan Van Ness (Grooming), Bobby Berk (Interior Design), Karamo Brown (Culture), Antoni Porowski (Food And Wine). Review Each guy brings something [...]

Social Media and Self Care

The Past few months I've noticed myself losing the motivation to keep up my blog and my social media accounts. When I started blogging I was doing it for the fun and sheer joy of sharing my opinions and reviews on my favorite books. I've been blogging for a little over a year and I've noticed some things that [...]

Mental Health Book Recs

  I've seen some people tweet or post on Instagram that they cant find any books that deal with mental health or they cant find any that deal with this one specific illness like OCD or Anxiety. Mental Health is extremely important and books can help show you what others go through with an illness or you already [...]