The Spoils of Christmas

Happy (almost) New Years! Christmas has passed and now we’re on our way to a whole new year. I was fortunate enough to have received many gifts during the holidays, and here I’m going to show a haul of everything I got! From myself, to myself: I purchased 10 books from bookoutlet(dot)com during their Black [...]


Year-end Wrap-Up!

2018 was quite a year for books and bookish people. We saw the emergence of pirate girl novels 🏴‍☠️, strong females, and a slew of thrillers that are written in the same vein of The Breakfast Club or Pretty Little Liars. This was also the year I finally reignited my love of reading after having [...]

An Introduction!

Hellooo everyone! I realized something this week while I tried not to cough up a lung at work...I never really introduced myself here on the blog. I mean there is a little "about me" section with a photo, but no real post. Well, I'm here to remedy that today! Firstly, my name is Adrianne. Most [...]