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Hello, my name is Courtney. I currently live in Texas with my husband and our 10 dogs, yes 10. I am a Photographer and Blogger. I am a southern girl who loves to read and blog about what I read and other life things. I talk about everything here on my blog from minimalism and to books to church life. I am a huge believer in not owning a bunch of books. You will mainly find audiobook and e-arc reviews here.

My Dogs

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Sadly Nov 2019 Chewy disappeared and we couldn’t find her. We spent all night out looking and posting posters everywhere. Sadly we never found here.


I do accept requests to review books, Preferably a print version, Giving me a copy does not guarantee a positive review or review at all, with my TBR pile growing by the day, it is best to get your book to me as soon as you can so that I can have it on my list. I do read most Genres, I specifically review YA, New Adult, and Adult Fiction, but I will look at others.

*All books that have been sent to me have a disclaimer at the bottom of the page. Getting these books free does not affect my reviews in any way. All my reviews are of my own opinion.

You are free to send me an email at curlybookowl@gmail.com


5 = I absolutely loved the book, will recommend to everyone I see. possibly reread in the future.

4 = I liked the book, but there were parts either I didn’t like or were confusing.

3 = Enjoyable, nothing impressed me about the book or it was difficult to keep up with.

2 = I finished the book, but I didn’t like the book, and won’t recommend it.

1 = The Book was so bad that I DNF.

Courtney 💛

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