Why I cancelled Scribd and went back to audible

I have recently been using Scribd for the past few months and have canceled this month because I found they were limiting my usage after listening to only 2 books. That is a bit unfair and lying to your customer base by saying unlimited when in reality they're not unlimited, which is completely fine, but [...]


A-Z Book Tag

I saw @Meltotheany do this and figure what the hell it looked fun. Author you’ve read the most books from? Cassandra Clare, I read all of the mortal's instruments through high school and loved them. I need to reread them again so that I can post reviews here and gush with all of you. Best Sequel Ever? [...]

July Book Haul

I wanted this post to go up earlier this morning, but I had so much cleaning to do and catching up on buddy reads. Anyways this month I ended up with quite a few books from trading especially and I also purchased a few. Books I purchased - I had a few extra book of [...]

Social Media and Self Care

The Past few months I've noticed myself losing the motivation to keep up my blog and my social media accounts. When I started blogging I was doing it for the fun and sheer joy of sharing my opinions and reviews on my favorite books. I've been blogging for a little over a year and I've noticed some things that [...]

Mental Health Book Recs

  I've seen some people tweet or post on Instagram that they cant find any books that deal with mental health or they cant find any that deal with this one specific illness like OCD or Anxiety. Mental Health is extremely important and books can help show you what others go through with an illness or you already [...]

2018 Reading Goals!

2017 I started my blog in April. I had so many goals for my blog and only met half of them. This year I have so many goals, but I also don't want to put so much pressure on myself that I don't enjoy blogging or reading again. I want to fulfill all my goals, [...]

Why I Blog

Everyone has their reasons for blogging. Some just want the followers and arcs, others just genuinely want to share their love of books. It is hard to keep up with a blog, posting every day, promoting, blog hopping, the amount you have to read to post each week. Eventually, it can get frustrating and you no longer [...]