Spring Break!!

So my Q&A idea from last week was a total flop (😭😭) but it's cool because I had a backup thing planned! This past week, me and my boyfriend went on a little mini vacay to Chicago and I figured I'd share a few photos with you all, my friends! There was this really cute [...]


1st Ever Q&A!

Hello bookies! I’m on spring break from university this week (praise!) so I won’t be doing a regular post. Instead, I’ll leave this open for Q&A: do you have any questions for me? They can be bookish or random or personal or school-related or just about life! I’ll compile them all into a big list [...]

January Wrap Up!

Time for another wrap-up! If you recall, I’d set up my TBR for the month, hoping to get through some of them. I actually stuck (pretty okay-ish) to said TBR and only deviated a little... This month I actually read: 📚 Antisocial by Jillian Blake 2 ⭐️. This was my first book of the year [...]

Year-end Wrap-Up!

2018 was quite a year for books and bookish people. We saw the emergence of pirate girl novels 🏴‍☠️, strong females, and a slew of thrillers that are written in the same vein of The Breakfast Club or Pretty Little Liars. This was also the year I finally reignited my love of reading after having [...]