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71FA3DB8-7C36-40A9-BD00-F69A9D4027F5Hi! I’m Stacia, I’m a 24 year old recent college grad. I started my bookstagram account in February of 2018 and I have loved meeting so many people and reading books I’d have never heard of otherwise! YA Fantasy is my favorite genre but recently I have journeyed into a few mysteries, romances, and contemporaries and I enjoyed the trip. Follow me online at my Instagram or my Goodreads.





Being that I read and review books, I have a star rating scale for my reads. I’ll try my best to explain it below:

  1. Umm. Wow. This was absolute garbage. Hot garbage. A hot garbage fire. DNF’d (did not finish)/finished and hated every minute of it. Burn it with the quickness. Definitely not “my jam”.
  2. The only thing keeping this from the garbage is the *one* saving grace (a good character, one amazing scene, etc.). Not my jam, but could be good for someone else.
  3. Average rating. Decent book with a fairly good plot/characters. Enter at your own risk.
  4. Really great read. Still highly recommended to everyone, but just a few snags that made me hold back that last star (plot holes, underdeveloped world-building, etc.)
  5. Absolutely amazing. I can’t even put into words how good this book was. Everyone with eyes and/or ears needs to read this IMMEDIATELY.

I also employe the use of half stars. These are usually reserved for books on the border of one rating or another. I haven’t given anything a zero star before because I believe all books are worthy of praise because it’s so hard to become a published author.


If you ever want to chat, feel free to drop me a line at my Instagram, @stacialovestoread. Publishers and/or authors with review requests, beta read requests or other promotional requests, please email me at stacia5716@gmail.com.
I enjoy reading YA fantasy, particularly those featuring magic systems (ie : JK Rowling, Sarah Holland, Stephanie Garber), YA mystery (ie: Kara Thomas, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Karen M. McManus), YA paranormal (ie: Lauren Kate, Becca Fitzpatrick), YA contemporary (ie: Nicola Yoon, Katie Henry, Dana Mele), and some Adult Romance (ie: Graeme Simsion, Helena Hunting, Helen Hoang). Historical fiction is also a favorite of mine, especially books about Henry VIII or anything House Tudor related (or spoofish, such as My Plain Jane by Cynthia Hand, et al).

Stacia 💕