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Review: All the Stars and Teeth by Adalyn Grace

Helloo lovelies! Happy Saturday. Today I want to talk about a debut novel that came out this last Tuesday. I was lucky enough to receive an eARC of All the Stars and Teeth by Adalyn Grace. I mentioned in my January wrap up last week that I was going to go a little more in-depth in my review, but overall I really enjoyed the novel! 

So what’s this beauty about, hm? Well our MC is named Amora and she is the heir to the island kingdom of Visidia. Each island in this kingdom is home to a different type of magic and learning multiple magics is strictly forbidden. Unfortunately, on the night of her trial, Amora learns that her kingdom isn’t as at peace as she’d been led to believe. This revelation sets our MC off on a high seas adventure with an interesting cast of characters, including but not limited to, her fiancé, and a mermaid. All of them are pretty badass. Will she save her kingdom from all out war? Will she take her rightful seat on the thrown of Visidia? Well you’ll have to read to find out.
With all of that being said, Adalyn has created this REALLY awesome and interesting world. The different islands and their magic systems kind of made me think of Pokémon, for some reason, which made me enjoy it even more! But really I wish we got to see more of the islands in this first novel, but it did feel like a foundation-building story (duh Adrianne it’s the first novel…) so I expect that we’ll see more of the different islands in future books. I DO however have one issue with this word building. Yes, mermaids make sense when you think of the kingdom of Visidia, but I wish we would’ve gotten more information because the mermaid we DO meet is SO AWESOME.
One complaint I do have about the novel is that, when our awesome MC goes on her high seas adventure, there was a lot of talk of her learning to sail on the ship they’re on but not very much actual teaching. I know I always complazin about pacing and scenes that should be taken out or scenes that felt random, and there were scenes like that, but I thought there’d be more sailing lessons involved between our MC and one of her love interests. Alas, maybe in the next book? 
For once I didn’t necessarily enjoy our MC, no she wasn’t as annoying as Roa in the Caged Queen, but some of her actions didn’t really vibe with me. I found the mermaid and the MCs love interest (who’s name I can’t remember) a little more interesting and I really hope we get to hear more about them and see like their home island, or in the case of the mermaid her underwater home.
I give this one a solid four stars. It was fun and interesting, and honestly I haven’t read many books (recently at least) dealing with like sailing and pirate-y behavior. I would recommend this beauty to fans of Tricia Levenseller, Divergent, and These Rebel Waves!
What are some of your favorite pirate-y reads?

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