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Discussion: Bookish Besties

Helloo lovelies! Happy Saturday! Today I wanted to share something fun. So yesterday was my best friend’s birthday and, I’m not going to lie, I got very sentimental. Rarely do I do sappy stuff, but this person is literally like my ride or die. So instead of talking about my Goodreads goal, which is something I’d planned on, I wanted to continue the sap train and talk about my top five favorite bookish besties. 

  1. Squad 312: Honestly, these are in o particular order, but I wanted to talk about our favorite band of misfits, Squad 312. I LOVED the relationships that formed over the course of Aurora Rising (and honestly I cannot wait for the sequel). I feel like this group accurately describes how I met some of my closest people. Much like this crew, I was thrown together with a ton of different people when I was in school. Sometimes they didn’t stick around, but the ones that did really remind me of this crew. Everyone’s personalities were so different, but as the story went on they found something in common and became each other’s family. 
  2. Manon and Asterin: Not only are these badass ladies related, but they’re also best friends (or what amounts to best friends in the Blackbeak Coven). I loved the way that they, and really all of the Thirteen were portrayed as having each other’s backs no matter what. My favorite scene between these ladies, in particular was the vulnerable moment when Asterin explained what happened to her witchling and showed Manon both her physical and emotional scars. 
  3. The Raven Boys and Blue: an unlikely group, but over the course of The Raven Cycle we saw Blue and her Raven Boys evolve into a quirky… weird group of best friends. I’d like to specifically talk about her relationship with Ronan because he’s my fave and I thought there was a lot of growth from him kind of disliking her to being that terrible influence of a friend on her. 
  4. Safi and Iseult: I really need to catch up on this series, but let me just say Safi and Iseult are on this list because they fit into that found family trope I love so much. They’re threadsisters and would turn over heaven and earth for each other… or go crazy worrying about whether the other is okay. It really tugs at my heartstrings when I think about how they’re separated in the latest book. 
  5. Aelin and Lysandra: Do I really have to talk about this one? I WAS going to put Nehemia, but honestly we only saw her for two books and while her friendship and love for Aelin spurred her forward in the series we didn’t get TOO much between them. They were instant friends, but Lysandra and Aelin really had to put in work and find common ground. I feel this is kind of how it is with all relationships, especially adult ones. You can’t just put zero effort and expect everyone to be your friend. Relationships are two way streets and Aelin and Lysandra really built a strong foundation for theirs. 
All of these platonic pairings have an underlying thread of sass, laughter, a deep understanding of one another, and an undying loyalty that can’t be matched. I’m really terribly lucky to say I’ve found several friends that fit into or resemble these bookish friendships in one way or another both in and outside of the bookstagram/bookish community. 
Before I get TOO sappy, please, who are some of your favorite bookish besties? 

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