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Review: The Caged Queen by Kristen Ciccarelli

Hellooo lovelies, long time no talk. I’m sorry for my absence. Honestly work has been… a lot lately, especially the last two months. For social workers in my county our month is basically cut in half and we have to scramble to make up visits and see all of our lovely kiddos. Anyway, it also leaves very little time to read. I’ve been doing a lot of self care in the form of hanging out with friends and having a lot of game nights, honestly.

HOWEVER, I did recently finish The Caged Queen by Kristen Ciccarelli. Mind you I tried to write this post on my laptop, but apparently it died and since we’re having work done on our house I packed it away somewhere? Long story. Anyway, The Caged Queen follows Roa, a character we met in The Last Namsara, as she navigates her new role as queen and deals with her new husband and the consequences of the first novel (she was not the main character, just so you know). On top of this, Ms. Roa is also grieving the loss of her sister and trying to, essentially revive her.

Now, I like to start my reviews with something positive, just because I’ve always been told to lead with the good. With that being said, I loved most of the characters in this story. We met them in the previous book and sort of built upon what we knew of them in this one. Dax, the king and Roa’s husband/Asha’s (MC from the first book) brother, was by far my favorite! He’s a really the type of person people underestimate, but we really got to see how smart and cunning he is in this novel! We also got to learn more about the scrublanders, which are Roa’s people and what their beliefs and customs are. It all really meshed well with what we’d learned in the first book and broadened the scope of the world the author built.

On a less positive note, I didn’t really like this book. I felt like the author used miscommunication and omitting information as a way to push the plot forward. I only say that because a lot of the time Roa’s choices were between something very obviously not good and like actually talking to someone and getting information before making a decision. It was SO frustrating. I was literally screaming at the book 80% of the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the first book and I LOVE the author’s writing. Ciccarelli’s writing is magical and really paints a beautifully thought out world with complex characters, but Roa was a very frustrating character and MOST of the problems could have been solved by actually communicating. It made for a not so enjoyable read. I’m hoping that the last novel will be better…

Question: Have you guys met your Goodreads goal this year?

Personally I haven’t, and I doubt I’ll get it done before New Years, which is a bit disappointing.

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