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Spook-tober is Almost Over πŸŽƒ

Heeeelllloooo Sunbeams! I come to you today with a list most frightful. In celebration of All Hallow’s Eve approaching, I’ve compiled a list of books that are thrillery/spooky/mind bendy and perrrfect for the season!

1. One of Us is Lying (McManus)

This was actually the first thriller/mystery I ever read and its remains my benchmark for other stories. Featuring a Breakfast Club cast of high schoolers and a mysterious murder, this one is sure to have you on the edge of your seat until the big reveal!

2. Sawkill Girls (Legrand)

I read this one last October (it was actually my first post on this site!) and it was amazing. Featuring girls all over the LGBTQ+ spectrum and amazing female friendships/partnerships, this one is sure to delight!

3. People Like Us (Mele)

Boarding school, murder mystery, characters who know more than they’re letting on….SIGN ME UP! This one was a great read. Thoroughly enjoyed the world building and hunting down the killer with the MC.

4. Swipe Right for Murder (Milman)

This was a recent read of mine but it was plenty creepy. A murder occurs less than a foot away from our MC so naturally he’s the prime suspect. But when a mysterious organization contacts him and demands information he doesn’t have, will he ever be able to clear his name and just go back to being normal?

5. S.T.A.G.S. (Bennett)

I just purchased this one after lusting over it for quite some time. It features an exclusive boarding school as the backdrop for an even more exclusive weekend of fun that ends in murder. I am absolute T R A S H for a boarding school set up so I nearly broken my finger adding this one to my cart.

6. The Grace Year (Liggett)

A fairly recent release, this story is about girls who enter a specific year of their lives and are charged with “sowing their wild oats” before they are forced to marry and bear children. I’ve heard a looooottt of great things about this one so hopefully it doesn’t disappoint!

7. Girls with Sharp Sticks (Young)

I had the opportunity to read an ARC of this one and I loved it! Girls are in training at (duh) a secret boarding school to become the perfect wife, a Stepford if you will. Until one day, someone wakes up from the fog and seeks out freedom, true freedom, for her and her friends.

8. The Broken Girls (St. James)

I haven’t read this one but it was rec’d by a good friend on Instagram. The Goodreads page has a nice synopsis and mentions a boarding school so DUH, I want it.

9. The Wives (Fisher)

This book releases in December but it promises to be a good ride! One man, three wives. One of the wives is being beat by her husband, who is of course the MC’s husband. Also, who is this mysterious third wife?

10. I Hunt Killers (Lyga)

How would you like to be the son of your town’s most famous serial killer? How are snout when murders start up again that are similar to Daddy Dearest’s MO? How far would you go to clear your name and put a stop to this new imitator?

Any other books you’d add to the list? I know there are tooonnnns that I missed. Drop your favorites in the comments below!

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