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Weekly Update -September 20

This week has already went by, holy crap. It was just august and now here we are nearly the end of September. I thought i would start doing these weekly updates as a fun way to update my reading along with other life updates too. I don’t know If it will go over well or not, but oh well.


Last week i finished 3 book and i haven’t finished one yet since. I was on a roll and i think after the flood put me in a huge slump. Hopefully i can still meet my reading goal for this month or come close.


I had only seen katieladyreads on instagram post about Never Have I Ever and so far it is super good. The mommy drama aspect is something I didn’t think i would get into but i want to know what happens and I’m sucked in.


I didn’t necessarily dnf, but i did put aside the Reckless Oath We Made. The book is super slow and i just think I’m not in the mood for a slow book so i set it aside for now. I plan to try and pick it up at a later date and see if i can finish it.


After I finish Never Have I Ever I’m debating on trying This Tender Land or Things You Save in a Fire I’ve heard amazing things about these from bloggers and bookstagrammers i follow and both sound really good. I’ve heard this tender land being compared to where the crawdads sing and that way my favorite book of 2018 so I’m definitely excited.


I recently discovered this one and I’ve been listening to it on repeat ever since.



I haven’t watched much of anything since finishing designated survivor over a month ago. We play video games every night nearly so for us to watch tv it has to be something pretty good. Hulu recently added Designing Women to its line up and i live for my queen Julia Sugerbaker. Designing Women i watched as kid when they played reruns and it is one of my favorite shows alongside Golden Girls.

What have you done this week?

Courtney 💛



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