3 star reads - Courtney

(AudioBook) After The Flood byKassandra Montag



A little more than a century from now, our world has been utterly transformed. After years of slowly overtaking the continent, rising floodwaters have obliterated America’s great coastal cities and then its heartland, leaving nothing but an archipelago of mountaintop colonies surrounded by a deep expanse of open water.

Stubbornly independent Myra and her precocious seven-year-old daughter, Pearl, fish from their small boat, the Bird, visiting dry land only to trade for supplies and information in the few remaining outposts of civilization. For seven years, Myra has grieved the loss of her oldest daughter, Row, who was stolen by her father after a monstrous deluge overtook their home in Nebraska. Then, in a violent confrontation with a stranger, Myra suddenly discovers that Row was last seen in a far-off encampment near the Artic Circle. Throwing aside her usual caution, Myra and Pearl embark on a perilous voyage into the icy northern seas, hoping against hope that Row will still be there.

On their journey, Myra and Pearl join forces with a larger ship and Myra finds herself bonding with her fellow seekers who hope to build a safe haven together in this dangerous new world. But secrets, lust, and betrayals threaten their dream, and after their fortunes take a shocking—and bloody—turn, Myra can no longer ignore the question of whether saving Row is worth endangering Pearl and her fellow travelers.


I have so many mixed emotions about this book. The first half was fantastic, the world building and backstory were so well done I was hooked. But the last two hours of the audiobook left me with a what the fuck was the point mindset.

Myra is a mother of two in a world that is flooded. There is no more internet, power, government, groceries stores, etc. everything is back to medieval days basically but on water. Myra was in Nebraska pregnant with pearl when Jacob took her oldest daughter Row and left. Myra now years later is still searching for Row always on the look through trade ports for her.

When she meets Daniel she sees her opportunity to get to the valley and get Row back. Myra doesn’t know how to navigate, but Daniel does. The two and pearl set off to the valley with people they meet along the way on a long journey to find Row.

I absolutely loved the world in this book and the journey with Myra, Pearl and Daniel. One of my biggest peeves was that if constantly felt as though Myra put pearl second to Row. You constantly see Myra have flashbacks to her parents and not feeling like she was enough and I felt that she was doing the same to pearl. Pearl would never be good enough in her eyes even though Myra always said she was.

I’ll be honest the ending left me wondering why I started in the first place. I don’t wanna give away spoilers or anything like that. The ending just fell flat and left me honestly kinda pissed. While I liked this book I didn’t love it the second half crushed what was to be a 4.5 to 5 star read. If you do pick it up I hope you love it. If you have read it what are your thoughts?

Courtney 💛

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