Why I have embraced Minimalism

1DD3D625-6784-405D-A9E5-C70652A18821I have over the past few months watch tons of minimalism videos on youtube and researched and found a few blogs on the topic. Minimalism is different for everyone and its not the “you have to throw everything you own away” thing. Minimalism for me is helping reduce trash and not owning so many material items, it’s being happy with what you have for me.

The first thing I went through was my clothes. I had so many dresses and skirts along with some old dress pants that I just didn’t wear anymore. I donated them all to a local thrift store so they could be sold to someone else who will love them and not just store them. I also don’t pick up any clothes from the store unless I plan to get rid of something when I get home. I saw I was spending so much on clothes a month and I didn’t even wear them.

Second, was my books and a lot of my bookish followers will probably hate me, but I downsized my book collection down to a 1/4th of what I owned and I will continue to downsize as I read through the rest of what I own. Now, I love my books but I also look at how much room and space they were taking up in my home. There was a whole room dedicated to 6-7 bookshelves crammed full of books, most of which I had never read.  I sold or donated a bunch of them and got the e-book or the audiobook. I also have started using my Libby app to get ebooks and audiobooks from my library. Doing my wrap-ups I saw how much I was reading compared to how much I was buying a month and it was a waste of money for books I would never get too. I read 2-5 books a month and that’s it, I was buying upwards of 10-15 books a month and I had shelves full of books that I was never going to get too. Now I have my e-reader and I still have my book of the month subscription and that’s it. I don’t buy any other physical books unless it’s just a book that means the world to me. For me, as a reader, you don’t have to own every book you read or keep a massive collection. Now if you can afford to do that and you have the room, by all means, do you and enjoy it.

Third, was downsizing my kitchen. I owned so many sets of plates and cups and coffee cups, more than we would ever use for just my husband and I living here. I downsized everything to having only 4-8 plates, 4-8 bowls, coffee cups, etc. I don’t buy anymore unless I plan to get rid of one or one has broken. I didn’t realize how much space I had in my kitchen until I pulled everything out and went through it. I was shocked by how many utensils, mixing bowls, tubberware containers, etc that we were storing but never used.

The last thing that will eventually be downsizing my home. When you think of just us and our 10 dogs, we don’t need a huge home. We currently live in an 1800 square foot double wide and do not ever plan on having children so we plan on downsizing to a 1000-1200 square foot home. whether we buy a single wide home or decide to build a small home only the future can tell. I honestly will love it, you don’t have so much space for clutter, to clean and the electric bill will also go down losing that 700-800 square feet.

I absolutely love what minimalism has taught me this year. So far I have learned to appreciate what I own and let go of material items. Whether you want to do this is completely up to you. I just wanted to share what I have learned so far in my journey. Also, know that everyone’s journey through there belongings and exploring minimalism is different. What has worked for me may not work for you, so watch videos and see how you feel about your belongings.

A few other things I have done, as I mentioned above about ebooks I also have done away with all my CDs and I now purchase my music through iTunes or listen to Pandora. My DVDs unless I can’t find them anywhere digitally have all been gone through and transferred to Vudu or they are on Netflix. The Majority of my Entertainment is streamed digitally so that I do not have to worry about that extra space. I also know that being able to stream content is a huge privilege because some do not have access to the internet or are not able to get it.

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Courtney 💛

9 thoughts on “Why I have embraced Minimalism”

  1. I like the idea of minimalism, but can’t bring myself to embrace it. That one time where I *really* wanted to watch a movie (I don’t even remember what movie it was) but couldn’t find it streaming anywhere has left a real impression. I can’t bring myself to get rid of things I will definitely want to watch again someday when I don’t have small children eating all my time.

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  2. Hi Courtney – new to your blog. I love your comment on getting rid of books. I – Library Lady – love books, but I finally realized that I work at a giant book storage unit which I can borrow from at any time, so why do I need to store books at my home? I kept my favorites. Thanks for the good ideas..

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