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Movie Review: SAW Series

Helloooo  lovelies! Happy Hump Day! This week has been so busy for me. I got back home from vacation on Monday, but I didn’t actually get home until about midnight, it’s crazy. But I digress. Honestly, I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump and usually when that happens I need to either force myself through a book or watch movies. Right now I’ve been watching movies! Case in point, the title of this post. While I was visiting my bestie in Northern California, we had a bit of a scary movie marathon (we do this all the time when I visit, it’s amazing!)

The movie of the weekend was the SAW series. Literally guys, we watched ALL of them, most of them in one day, it was insane. Honestly though it was an interesting trip, gruesome as all heck, so definitely stay away if you’re not into gore, but if you’re interested in like escape rooms and suspense I’d give it a try. So, I think we all know the basic premise of SAW by this point, it’s been out for years at this point. BUT, it’s always fun to summarize. Basically over the course of like 7 movies a number of different people are kidnapped and thrown into these crazy like time sensitive, gory situations where they have to either hurt themselves (TRIGGER WARNING some of the characters previous self harmed or attempted suicide) or others in order to escape with their lives. That’s as basic a summary as we can get.

Overall, this series was pretty interesting. There were moments when I thought Jigsaw, the mastermind behind all of this, was a genius. The way his mind worked to create each individual room set up is insane, plus all of the digging he had to do into each person? Mind boggling. There were also moments when I could get behind what Jigsaw thought he was doing, and my friend and I discussed it and he thought he was helping them. On multiple occasions he would say that he was “making them better,” and, in a way he was because, let’s be real, after some of the stuff they went through you wouldn’t want to go back to drugs right?

Most of the time thought, I thought most of the movie was for shock factor. Yeah the story was interesting and so were the traps and rooms themselves, but the plot was sort of predictable? Not to mention the way the movies were shot were very much jerky at times, but I could get past that. I also thought that the movies sort of dragged on at times because while we’re watching these people go through their personal hells, we’re also watching the cops and the behind the scenes stuff to find them and catch Jigsaw which was only interesting half of the time.

Overall I’d have to give the whole series a 3.45. img_0492

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