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Review: IMMUNITY by Erin Bowman

Hellooo lovelies! Happy Wednesday…almost Thursday? And happy early 4th of July to those who celebrate! I spent most of the day driving up to visit friends, hence why this post is so late, buuut I wanted to tell you about my most anticipated release of 2019!

So, Contagion was possibly my favorite read of 2018. It had eerie vibe one gets from playing the Dead Space games. Honestly, Immunity is just as good or better (in certain aspects) han the first novel!

Like with the first book, I loved the whole idea of a virus. This is one of my favorite…I guess one could say tropes? Haha. The consequences of the virus are intense and while the first novel was eerie this one was packed with more action and full of space virus goodness.

I loved that I felt more connected with the characters. Our main character remains a “don’t take crap from anyone” type of girl who doesn’t need to be saved, but not only that she has the new aspect of the virus to push her natural abilities to the limit. I felt like I got to know our pilot, Nova, a lot better than I did in Contagion…which I suppose is true for all of our characters, but Nova stuck with me throughout the book because of her first chapter or so. It was such an interesting way to take on a comatose character and I loved it.

This was one book where I quite literally could not put it down once I started. Like I mentioned the stakes are higher than they were in Contagion and it makes for an “unputdownable” read, to be quite honest. The authors writing is pretty great and, like the first book, it feels like I’m watching a movie or playing a video game when I read this.

Definitely check out IMMUNITY by Erin Bowman if you’re into the Illuminae Foles by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, almost nonstop action, and a lot of like science/space nerdiness! It really didnt disappoint me 🙂

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