Book Hauls - Adrianne

The Tiniest Haul in the World!

Helllooo lovelies! I’m coming at you with another late post. Right now I’m trying to get back into the groove of things after lagging for the past few weeks.

On one of my many weekends away, I went up north to visit my bestest, the Eve to my Lemon Fresh, the Alec to my Jace….I could honestly go on, but y’all get it right? On one of the days I was up there, she had to work, sooo i entertained myself with her fur children (her cat is my favorite furnephew) and also making a trip out to the Barnes and Noble. I made the joke later that I’d found my way to the bookstore and a McDonald’s, basically the two necessities anywhere you go, so I could finally move up there. She was kot amused to find out I was joking.

A bit of a reading update before I hop into the picture less haul (honestly I have to edit it later). Currently I’m reading We Hunt the Flame by Hasfah Faizal (one of my most anticipated). The world building is amazing and beautiful and I’m already half in love with Nasir. I’m also reading my ARC of Only Ashes Remain by Rebecca Shaeffer. I LOVE revisiting Nita’s twisted brain and hanging out with the pain eater Kovit. If you want to get more frequent updates I usually update on my stories on Instagram!

Anyway, when I hit the bookstore I actually knew what books I wanted, the first being Aru Shah and the Song of Death the sequel to Aru Shah and the End of Time by the amazing, lyrical Roshani Chokshi. It was one of my most anticipated middle grade reads, and yet another addition to my Rick Riordan /Rick Riordan Presents collection. I cant wait to see what Aru and her friends get into in this sequel!

I also picked up The Kingdom by Jess Rothamberg. Honestly I dont know much about this book beyond it’s akin to Disney princess-like cyborgs and murder mysteries! I actually picked it up because of one of my favorite bookstagramers (Nicole at fearyourex). She raved about it! It sounds really interesting and quirky tbh.

What are you guys really excited for this year? It doesnt have to be a book, but I want to be excited with you!

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