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Book Review: Honestly, We Meant Well by Grant Ginder

I didn’t have any preconceived notions when I first started reading this book, but then I kept hearing how hilarious it was and it made me excited to get to those parts. I kept imaging this would be something a lá Meet the Fockers and I can see how it could play out as funny with the right actors but it just didn’t work like that in my head. I didn’t find it at all hilarious.

I really can’t even say that I found the characters to be effed up enough to merit it being referenced as a family in ruins. The father was a basically cheater and the son was perhaps a bit confused about what he wanted in life but that’s nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to being that age.

There was some drama towards the end which really picked up the pace in this book that was up until then, basically a family recalling past events that’s led them to their current situations. I didn’t feel connected enough to any of the characters to be interested in those events, though. It ended up being 3/5 stars for me.


The Wright family is in ruins.

Sue Ellen Wright has what she thinks is a close-to-perfect life. A terrific career as a Classics professor, a loving husband, and a son who is just about to safely leave the nest.

But then disaster strikes. She learns that her husband is cheating, and that her son has made a complete mess of his life. So, when the opportunity to take her family to a Greek island for a month presents itself, she jumps at the chance. This sunlit Aegean paradise, with its mountains and beaches is, after all, where she first fell in love with both a man and with an ancient culture. Perhaps Sue Ellen’s past will provide the key to her and her family’s salvation.

The book is out tomorrow, June 11. Thank you to Flatiron Books for the free advanced reader copy. All opinions are my own.



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