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Review: Lifel1k3 by Jay Kristoff

Hellooo lovelies! Long time no see. Sorry I’ve been a bit M.I.A. recently it’s kind of been a weird time for me where I’m ACTUALLY like going out on the weekends. I went to Vegas 2 weeks ago, last weekend I was visiting my bestest, and this weekend I’m at the snow with my honey. Very busy busy. BUT I wanted to post something short and fun…I’ll have to add my usual graphics later. Fair warning me typing anything on my phone means it may be shorter than I would usually write it.

I recently finished Lifelike by Jay Kristoff and it was literally one of the best things I’ve ever read. I’d heard pretty good things about the book before, but it hadnt interested me until I met the man himself at Yallwest.

I think my favorite aspect of the story is the fact that found family plays a really big part in the adventure. Even and Lemon Fresh are a grungier version of me and my bestest, honestly. I laughed so hard reading some of their dialogue. Mr. Kristoff has a way of writing that’s engaging and dynamic and honestly made for TV because each character was so dang vivid.

The bigger idea behind the story is also really interesting to me. (These are MILD spoilers so please skip if you havent read.) The concept of what makes us human and what being human even means has always been an interesting topic. Gabriel rising up against his creator and the way he “infected” the other lifelikes was so interesting. It kind of made me think a little of US (the movie by Jordan Peele).

I honestly have no negative things to say about this story other than I NEED THE SEQUEL IN MY HANDS NOW…but I digress. If you’re looking for a great found family dynamic, badass fight scenes, and honestly pretty fantastic writing definitely check this novel out! I’m actually really excited to pick up more of Jay’s books, especially Nevernight to see what the hypes about.

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