5 Ways you can help the planet and reduce your trash


Theres several ways you can reduce your trash waste in 2019. I recently followed a page Trash is for Tossers and she shares so many tips on her page and YouTube channel. Reducing my trash has been a goal of mine for the past two years and so I figured i would share some of the things I’ve learned and incorporated into my life to help my husband and i go zero waste.

1. Ditch the K-Cups and use a French press and reusable coffee mug.

K-cups, coffee filters, and one use plastic cups add up to quite a bit of trash each week. You can save that by using a French press and reusable coffee mug. If you are someone on the go, you can easily purchase a reusable on the go mug to keep your coffee warm. If you want to do an experiment, put a box on your counter and put all your k-cups, filters and Starbucks cups in it. By the end of the week you will be able to see how much trash you have used just by such a small task of making coffee.

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2. Stop using plastic grocery bags and purchase reusable ones

There are so many different forms of reusable grocery bags, you can find the type you love and use them instead of getting plastic each time. My husband and I go to the store every other week and I started to notice the amount of plastic bags in my trash can. I purchased reusable bags and really love them. They are super handy and honestly keep my vegetables from getting beat up as easy.

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3. Moving as much of your Entertainment to digital devices

I love my physical copies of my books and movies, but over time they add up and take up so much space that I don’t really have to give in my home. I’m slowly working my way through my physical books and only keeping the absolute favorites that I will reread. As far as my DVDs I only keep my highly loved movie or series that we rewatch over and over and watch everything else digitally.  Now I completely understand not having access to the internet and being able to buy DVDs or books, that is a privilege I have and I recognize that.

Looking for streaming services? Netflix Hulu Prime Video  Vudu

4. Ditch your plastic toothbrush


Plastic toothbrushes are a horrible trap. The dentist always says to buy a new toothbrush every 3 to 4 months, so that’s easily 300-400 toothbrushes that we will use and go through in our lifetime. Did you also know it takes 400 years for just ONE of your plastic toothbrushes to completely decompose. Toothbrushes are a huge part of the trash problem, so next time you need to buy a new toothbrush consider purchasing a bamboo toothbrush instead of your typical plastic one.

Want a Bamboo one? Toothbrush

5. Having Plants around your home

Having plants around your home is not only a mood improvement, but it helps clean the air in your home and keeps it smelling fresh. Plants are also way healthier than air fresheners and Scentsy type products. You will be smelling fresh clean air instead of chemicals that are only masking the problem. I have ten dogs in my home and keep all types of plants and since doing so have seen a huge improvement in the dust, air and overall smell of my home. You will not regret investing in them, whether they are flowers or plants to grow your food, once you start you will fall in love.

I hope you enjoy some of the tips and try to implement them in your life and home in 2019. I hate seeing all the trash going to the landfill and I know we can never be 100% plastic free with the way society manages things. But you yourself can make small changes and implement just a few, that’s how things begin to change with small little steps.


Next time you go to the store or just a quick run to your local supermarket think of what you could do to reduce waste and help set the example. I know its hard and some of the things here will be easy and others will be a bit more challenging, its taken me a year and a half to get to where i am with my waste reducing. But remember you can do it one small step at a time.



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