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The Bride Test (ARC)(Spoilers)

Thank you so much for the wonderful Amy for loaning me her ARC copy of this book. I am eternally grateful.

As far as a follow-up book goes, The Bride Test stepped up to the plate and delivered!

Khai is a 20-something Vietnamese American who is happily unmarried, unattached, and not dating, much to the chagrin of his mother.

Esme is a young mother, working a job as maid in a hotel to make ends meet and support her daughter, mother, and grandmother.

The two meet and what happens is nothing short of accidental magic. Khai discovers that he actually does feel, and Esme figures out what it means to be loved. This was such a sweet story. I have preordered a copy and I can’t wait to reread Khai and Esme’s story and fall in love all over again.

Em yêu anh yêu em.

The Bride Test is the second novel by Helen Hoang. It is due to publish on May 7th by Berkley Romance Publishing.

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