Discussion - Stacia

March Wrap-Up

Welp. March is over. With the end of the month comes the end of a month of reading. Here’s what I was able to get through in spite of school, papers, exams, and Spring Break:

1. The Rosie Project by Graeme Simison

This was a birthday gift to me from a dear friend, Emily. It is a romance (go figure), but it’s not smutty or overly sexual. Definitely good for someone looking to start reading romances but who doesn’t want all the descriptions.

2. Breaking his Rules by Aliza Mann

A steeeeamy romance. There were some XXX scenes, and some nice plot scenes as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the actual storyline a great deal.

3.Meet Cute by Helena Hunting

This was such a great read. I have some how become a fan of romances and this one was just amazing. Excellent for fans of Sally Thorne & Helen Hoang.

I’m also nearly finished reading Please Send Help, a wonderful eARC about two twenty-something best friends who are just trying to navigate through their newly graduated lives.

How was your March? As puny as mine? Any good books I should check out?

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