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The Perfect Girlfriend

Today’s pick for Upcoming Books Thursday is The Perfect Girlfriend. That title! I mean, you just know it’s not going to be about a perfect girlfriend and instead she’s going to probably be batshit crazy. I just love those types of characters, not in real life of course, but in books they make a thrilling read.

First off, thank you to Harlequin book s for providing me this book for free in exchange for my honest review. This is a debut novel for the author Karen Hamilton and it’s been receiving a lot of coverage, so I am a bit weary going in. Usually, over promoted books don’t end up working for me because I tend to set my expectations super high and realistically there aren’t many books who can live up to those expectations. It’s not any fault of the book or author and I have been trying to not place that kind of burden on books. Fingers crossed!

The Perfect Girlfriend and Bruce Wayne

The Synopsis:

Juliette loves Nate.

She will follow him anywhere. She’s even become a flight attendant for his airline, so she can keep a closer eye on him.

They are meant to be.

The fact that Nate broke up with her six months ago means nothing. Because Juliette has a plan to win him back.

She is the perfect girlfriend. And she’ll make sure no one stops her from getting exactly what she wants.

True love hurts, but Juliette knows it’s worth all the pain…

Can I just quickly point out how short and sweet this synopsis is? It gets your attention and provides you with the gist of it without revealing any spoilers! Book publishers and editors: take note!

The book is out March 26 so the wait is short!




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