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Am I in a Reading Slump…?

reading slumpHellooo lovelies! Happy Hump Day! We’re halfway through the week, thank goodness! I know I always say that, but the last two weeks have been kind of rough. It feels like I’ve just been rolling with the punches at work, learning and all that (I am still technically training), but then suddenly another dude tags in and it feels like I’ve been hit by a freight train and I’m still recovering. It’s just constant (yet rewarding!) work and it leaves very little time to do any fun activities like reading.

With that being said, let’s talk about the worst enemy of a reader, the reading slump. We’ve all probably found ourselves in a reading slump once or twice over the years, right? So we shouldn’t be strangers to the feeling of not wanting to read, or other cases, wanting to read but not finding the motivation, time, or energy to read after a long day. Right now, I’m feeling very much the latter. As it is, I do a lot of reading at work, mostly court reports and contact entries, but reading nonetheless, right?

Yes, buuuuut it makes it REALLY hard for me to want to read anything once I get home. Hence the movie/TV series reviews ya’ll might be seeing for a while. And it doesn’t help the whole “wanting to read” situation when I think of all of the books on my TBR. Do you guys ever feel overwhelmed by your growing TBRs? How do you all manage to handle it so wonderfully?

Right now I’m just kind of going with what my brain wants, which is movies/TV right now. I can’t say I’m fully in a slump yet because I’m still reading, but I literally only get maybe like 4 or 5 chapters in a night when I would normally get in at least like 8+.

Any advice would be appreciated, especially since I have so many lovely books I want to review for you guys! (P.S. I found that image on google when I searched “reading slump”)

I actually have a few questions for you lovely readers today! First, what kind of reading slump do YOU go into when you do go into one? (That sentence sounded so much better in my head lol) And second, how do you guys get yourselves out of the slump? 

5 thoughts on “Am I in a Reading Slump…?”

  1. Ugh that is the absolute worst! I hate when you can feel the slump coming and you try and fight it but just can’t! I ended up reading basically nothing in february and it’s so frustrating, I usually just wait it out though. Hopefully life simmers down and you can get back to reading soon! 💜

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  2. That’s like me, over the past while (too long) I’ve been in a reading slump. I’m finally getting back into it now and also back into blogging! I’ve been gone for a while but I’m so excited to be back and hoping to stay inspired:) x

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  3. I totally understand that. When there’s a lot going on, I get the same way. But, usually, I get into a slump that makes me want to do nothing at all. I read, but I hate what I read. I usually just take a break for a day or so to give myself a breather.

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  4. Reading slumps are the worst! I definitely can relate to not wanting to read after a looooong day at work, especially since my job pretty much consists of staring at the screen for too many hours and reading a lot of law books, codes, etc. 😀
    Having too many books on my “immediate” TBR or having many pending reviews will always stop me from reading more as well.
    I found out that the best way for me to get out of a reading slump is to get as much things done as possible.
    For example: If I feel in a “meh” reading mood because I have too many reviews to write, I just need to write them and get that part done. If it is because of too many books I have to read, I just need to make time to read them as soon as possible. And so on. And if it is because of a long day at work, I still push myself to read at least 30ish pages before doing other things, like watching movies or Netflix.

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