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The Hobbit

The Hobbit

What? You were expecting nothing but new release titles? I like to review both backlist titles and new releases so expect a mix of both!

I have read The Hobbit about four or five times and each time has been great. This is a book that does not disappoint. This time though I listened to it and let me tell you! I one hundred percent recommend you go that route. It was so much fun to listen to the voices of all the different characters and the singing was great. Yes, there’s some singing. They are of course dwarves involved! Songs are a thing I have a difficult time imagining what they would sound like. I’m not musically inclined at all so it was really awesome to see those come to life.

If you don’t know, The Hobbit, is a prequel of sorts to Lord of the Rings. I say of sorts because it doesn’t exactly correlate to much of what happens in that trilogy. It’s definitely a stand alone book and you don’t need to continue on if you don’t wish to, but who am I kidding? Why wouldn’t you?? I’m a huge fantasy fanatic and this is one of those epic journeys that you do not want to miss. There’s all sorts of great things going on for this book. You have a dragon, dwarves, elves and (you guessed it!) hobbits. It’s the epic adventure of a hobbit who wants nothing more than to stay at home and live his peaceful life. All that goes out the window when Gandalf, (did I mention wizards?) who is a wizard comes to him with a job proposal. He’s to be the thief in a troupe of dwarves who are journeying to steal back what is rightfully theirs from a powerful dragon. I won’t say much more since I don’t want divulge any spoilers for those of you who haven’t yet read it, but do pick this up if you have a chance. It’s magical and full of action!



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    1. Thank you Melanie for stopping by! I agree! I love new releases but blacklisted books are important too! I see what you mean to by everyone having the same book. Usually the deadlines are all within a span of a month so we get spammed with it!


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