Discussion - Stacia

Spring Break!!

So my Q&A idea from last week was a total flop (😭😭) but it’s cool because I had a backup thing planned!

This past week, me and my boyfriend went on a little mini vacay to Chicago and I figured I’d share a few photos with you all, my friends!

There was this really cute little glass house in the middle of one of the streets while we were walking back to our hotel. I popped inside for a couple pictures…look at this lil terrarium! And btw, that’s my face up there! Hai 🙂

We also went to a local bookstore called After Words. These photos are from their downstairs area where the “books that aren’t for kids” are. I picked up a copy of Warcross and Wildcard (it’s signed!) while I was there (had to get a souvenir).

We also went and had ~authentic~ Chicago deep dish pizza at Giordano’s! It was pretty good 🙂

The second photo was taken on the second floor of the Navy Pier. It’s like a greenhouse up there and the plants were so beautiful and I felt so refreshed being in their presence!


Overall, I really enjoyed our trip! School had been about 2.3 seconds from making me pull my hair out, so this is just the right thing I needed!

Where’s the last place (or your favorite) you went on vacation?

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