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Let’s Chat: E-Books Vs. Physical Books?

Hellooo lovelies! Happy Hump Day! I hope everyone’s week is as productive as you’ve hoped it would be, I know mine hasn’t been thus far. I honestly got home on Tuesday and more or less fell asleep with Bloodwitch on my face and woke up just in time to bring you guys this lovely post, haha.

Now, I’m going to preface this by saying that I love books in any way, shape, and form be that e-book, audiobook, or a normal physical copy. It’s all about preference to me, but I’ve had this argument on more than one occasion with family and loved ones.

On one hand, my family always brings up how cheap e-books are. Admittedly they have a point because, for example a hardcover copy of The Priory of the Orange Tree on Amazon is $19.20 and on Barnes and Noble the hardcover is $22.40 (normally $32) while on both sites an e-book edition is $9.99. This isn’t even including some of the books that are discounted further. I know I recently got all of the Red Rising series by Pierce Brown for like $1.99 each. And honestly, if I were strapped for cash and could only afford one book a month, I think I’d go for an e-book so I could (potentially) get more bang for my buck. Now this argument doesn’t take into account discount codes or coupons at other retailers, I don’t have any “indie” bookstores in my town so it’s either Amazon or Barnes for me, but there are other ways get money off the regular price.

Another argument is that you can carry multiple books on one e-reader. Now, this is where I have to agree! I never take physical books with em with I’m traveling unless I’m already knee deep into a physical copy, in which case I only bring that book. Usually when I travel I have my e-reader and my like 600 books I have stored on it. Honestly, let’s be real, it often beats adding 10lbs. to your suitcase, right? And to take this argument further e-readers do save space, in a way, but like I said, personally I still buy physical books and will often get a physical copy of a book if I enjoyed the e-book or if I don’t want to carry a brick around in my purse (I did this with Kingdom of Ash and all of The Dark Artifices books).

In the long run, though it’s all up to personal preference. Usually my family and I can talk in circles for hours about why I still buy books when there are e-books and how I don’t use my Kindle even though I spent “so much money” on it, how I “waste” money on books, how there’s “no more space for more books,” etc. There are a million reasons I still prefer physical books, some of which are I love smelling my new books as weird as it sounds (don’t say ya’ll haven’t done it), and seeing my actual progress through the book itself. Percentages are awesome, but I like tangibly seeing my bookmark through the pages. And honestly, for me, there are some books I just can’t read in an e-book format? I started Cinder by Marissa Meyer three times as an e-book and I could never get into it, but when I read it as a physical books I F L E W through it — and vice versa, I could never get into The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater when I read it as a physical book, but as an e-book it devoured that whole series.

If you guys had to choose, would you choose e-books or physical copies? Is there a reason why?

3 thoughts on “Let’s Chat: E-Books Vs. Physical Books?”

  1. I’m a physical book reader, all the way! I love holding them, I love seeing them on my shelves, and I love having physcial books available to lend to others when I recommend them. I have, however, started to consider getting into e-books because it seems publishers are more willing to give out e-ARCs, and as someone looking to get more into book reviewing, I want to have the capability to accept them. So I’m dipping my toes into the water there!


  2. I prefer e-books for books that I’m not 100% sure about because it is easier to skim (lol oops) and I spend less money (or sometimes, none bc they’re free.) I love having my favorite books physically because I can see all of my loves decorated on my shelves. I’ve been trying to save money lately though, so the library has been a saint when it comes to reading hardcover copies of books that I’m dying to read and not cleaning out my wallet in the process of doing so!


  3. I don’t “prefer” either one, because I also love books in all forms! Recently, I’ve bought more e-books because they are cheaper and you can carry them all in one device, but… now that I own a lot of e-books, I wish I could see them on my shelf!

    My rule for buying books right now is that if it has an outstanding over and it’s not a large book, I’ll buy the physical version. Otherwise, I’ll either listen to it as an audiobook or get the e-book.


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