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Girls with Sharp Sticks (ARC) (spoilers)

A poem inspired by Girls with Sharp Sticks

Girls with sharp sticks / They scratch and they hit / They scream and pull hair and throw magnificent fits. / Girls with sharp sticks are in control / They give out punishment to those in in the role / Of ruler, of teacher, of man; over men / They’ll scream and hit and bite again and again. / These girls with their sticks, with their Beautiful curves and soft swaying hips / Appear sweet on the outside / And bite under the rind. / Girls with sharp sticks are nasty women / They’ve been hurt and promised / “Never again” / Girl with sharp sticks have found their voices / And now they’re awake / And no one. No man no woman boy or girl /Will ever take away their choices.

I recently received an ARC of Girls with Sharp Sticks from my bookstagram pal Lish McBride and I had a chance to read it before its release, so I’m going to talk about it. Sass and trash will follow and I’ll leave a spoiler-free opinion in the bottom, as always.



Everything. Valentine. Philomena. Everything.

Okay, but actually, this book is about a group of girls who have finally found their power and aren’t letting anyone take it away again. There’s a good mystery underneath it all and that, my friends, it what will keep you coming back for more pages.


I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. Honestly…it’s amazing. All around.



Girls is the forthcoming novel by Suzanne Young, author known for her The Program series. It’s set to release March 19th (so just a few days!) and in my opinion, this book should be in everyone’s cart and on everyone’s TBR. This book is a look at the way our society is quick to blame the victim without looking at the person who is responsible for the crime: the perpetrator. The author note at the back of this ARC made me tear up a bit.

TW: murder, graphic fight scenes, lobotomy, sl*t shaming, victim shaming, and creepy people looking at people in creepy ways. I hesitate to say “sexual assault” because I don’t want to just throw out a word in a situation where it may not apply.

12 thoughts on “Girls with Sharp Sticks (ARC) (spoilers)”

  1. I recently just reviewed this. And it really surprised me. My favorite aspect of this was the female friendship which I think we need to see more of in YA. And the creepy, thrilling aspect had me hooked! It was pretty good for start in a series. Hopefully there is more to come in the future books! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!

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    1. I loooved the friendship in this too! Although Mena has the chance to leave alone, she risks it all to take her girls with her.
      I can’t wait to see where the series goes, either. This is definitely a powerful opener to (what I hope) will be a good series.

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