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March TBR

February (thank you all for the birthday wishes!) has gone and now March is here and with it the promise of new releases and (finger, toes, eyes, ears, nose)* SPRING! I’ve got my TBR set up and again, we’ll see how I do. I’m actually quite surprised I’ve been sticking to these monthly TBRs as well as I have…

📚 Ace of Shades


I have had this eARC for ages and never read it (sad, I know) buuut I recently was approved for the second book, King of Fools, so I figured I probs should read the first book first 🙃

📚 The Rosie Project


As you all know, I’ve been reeeally loving romances lately. Also this was a birthday gift so double points!

📚 The Woman in the Dark


I was sent this book from Grand Central Publishing (eeeeep!) and it sounds so good! The mention that house was known as “The Murder House” made me think American Horror Story S1 or Haunting of Hill House. This book is being rereleased by Grand Central in March 12.

📚 From Breath and Ruin


This is another ARC that I was fortunate enough to have received! Shoutout to Inkslinger Tours for this one. This book releases on March 19, and hopefully I can get it read and reviewed by then so you all can fly to Amazon and order a copy!

So, how’s your month looking? What are you planning to read?

*this is a saying from when I was a child. Basically it’s akin to “cross everything”: fingers crossed, toes crossed, cross your eyes…..everything!

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