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A Lovely February Wrap-Up!

As you all know, I skipped the traditional TBR and just read what I wanted to. These are the bookies I got through this month! I’ll link my Goodreads reviews in each so you can check out my thoughts!

Matched 3 ⭐️


This book was a mix of The Hunger Games and the Selection series….futuristic dystopian world with forbidden love. This book moves really slow but I think it’s a decent opener for the series.

Cassia is so trusting of the system and is being encouraged not to trust it. Cue the huge moral struggle. But it’s fine. There’s two more books (which I actually won’t be reading) to see what happens.

The Last (eARC) 5 ⭐️


Ooooh man. Can we say H O T. I read some of these scenes and boyhowdy was I blushing afterward! The storyline is really cute as well…it all started with a pact between friends so be careful what you promise….

Five Feet Apart 5 ⭐️


It is possible to cry more tears than human water content because OH MY GOSH. This book tore my heart out from page 1 and twisted it to shreds by the end. I have not cried this hard over a book since I was in middle school and (spoiler) Dobby, Fred, Tonks, and Lupin died in HP 7. This book was so beautiful and I can’t say enough about it. Near and dear to my heart as an RT in training. Please read my review that’s here on the site to see how you can help.

The Boyfriend Bracket 2 ⭐️


This one was a bit predictable: girl has overprotective brother who scares off all her dates, girl is secretly in love with brother’s best friend….and ACTION!

The Cruel Prince 3 ⭐️


Guys. We need to talk about the Adventures of Prince Cardigan & Hey Jude. What even.

Why is it that bad boys are allowed to be huge squares because they’re super hot or royalty or both? It’s not okay and I don’t approve.

Also, why did our girl, Hey Jude, kiss him? Didn’t even make sense. I had more questions than answers with this one and that’s a problem considering this isn’t a mystery.

The coronation was my favorite scene. It made me think of GOT’s Red Wedding and I reread the scene with the Rains of Castamere playing on loop and all was right in the world.

The Unhoneymooners (eARC) 5 ⭐️


I really liked this one! Christina Lauren is actually a pair of writers and I think it’s a testament to how well they work together that as you read, you can’t tell who wrote what. Everything is very continuous and flows nicely.

The story is cute and I looove a good “enemies to friends” situation. I definitely recommend this to people who want a light, fun read. Also, that cover is stunning so read it just for the cover.

Girls with Sharp Sticks (ARC) 5 ⭐️


This book is a bit of a look at the way society now very much blames the victim of a sexual assault because “she was too pretty” or “she dressed like she wanted it”. Both excuses are invalid and should instead be answered with “XYZ happened to her because the man that did it cant control HIMSELF. She did nothing wrong.”

These girls are at a reclusive academy (check a box there, love that troupe) and there’s a mondohuge secret they must uncover about their lives there (check, check).

There’s a bit of murder, sexual assault, and general sassiness in this one so reader beware.

The Perfect Date (eARC) 4 ⭐️


This was a cute lil rom-com-dram(a). There were some sweet moments between the characters, a few tabloid scandals, and some steamy love scenes (oooh la la!)

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