Five Books I’ve Recently Removed from my TBR

I’ve recently started to purge my TBR and even my physical book collection. I took the advice from Marie Kondo and started purging my whole house of things that I don’t really need or make me happy. That includes shelves of books I may never get to read or want to read. So slowly I’ve been going through and unhauling a bunch of my physical books and selling them off in facebook groups so that they will go to homes where they may make someone else happy.



This series sounds good but I’ve just never made time to read it or feel like I will. I can also borrow the audiobooks from the library if I do feel like reading them.



My reading taste has changed dramatically over the last year and Anthologies are not cutting it for me. There just, not something I enjoy unless its absolute perfection like Toil & Trouble.

3. Women’s Murder Club Series


4. Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon


This one was a super cute read, but it wasn’t a favorite and I don’t plan too. If I change my mind I can always borrow it from the Library.

5. The Arrangement by Sarah Dunn


I ordered this one off book outlet last year and just have not made an effort to read it. I’ve also seen some review from trusted reviewers and they are not good. So I’m passing this one on.

I know this was technically more than five books, but I didn’t want to list an entire series so I grouped them together. Over the next few months, I plan to keep doing these till I get my TBR and shelf numbers down. I just don’t think I want to own this many books. My kindle and audiobooks are just easier to carry around than a huge hardback.

Have you removed any books from your TBR or Shelves? Do you plan on lowering the number of books you own?



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