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Girls of Paper and Fire (spoilers)

🚨 ⚠️ 🛑 First things first, this book deals with some heavy topics within this beautiful story. Please make sure you’re in the right place to read this before picking it up. Take care of yourself first, loves 💕

Now, I will be doing my usual dish of trash and sass. Spoilers will most definitely probably be included. If you want to skip down to the end for a spoiler-free wrap up, scroll on down!



I mean…violence is bad. It’s life. Stuff happens. Same with sexual assault. But nonetheless, it still upset me.

I wish we’d have had a clue that Madam Eira was not our friend sooner than the Moon Ball. But I guess that would have made the reveal less effective.

Some characters felt like…palate cleansers. The twins and Chenna namely.

Also Blue was still such a poop after Lei comforted her! What a square.


Natasha’s writing is so easy to fall into. I found myself reading 60-70 pages in a sitting without even realizing that time had passed.

We have LGBTQ+ rep! Wren and Lei are a couple and that made me unbelievably happy. All the crappiness that was the life of a Paper Girl, I was happy that they had found actual love in each other.

The fighting scene were really well described and developed. I cringed a bit when that blade flew through the King’s eye and shuttered at the thought of Lei’s broken rib.



I love when an author can bring the reader into the story to feel the characters’ emotions and feelings. I cried with Lei in the carriage ride away from her home; I chuckled with her and Aoki when they made up after their argument. Amazing read.

TW: r*pe, violence, regicide, kidnapping, sexual assault

Please do take the trigger warnings seriously. Take care of yourself first. If you or someone you know is it an unhealthy situation, please reach out to a help hotline or someone you trust to help. You are precious. You are worthy. You are loved.

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