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Review: (Audiobook)The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty

the city of brassHellooo lovelies! Sorry for the missing Wednesday post. I thought I’d written something up, but it turns out it was my mind playing tricks on me. By the time I noticed I was shoulder deep in some serious researching at work. With that being said though, I’m coming at you this lovely, cloudy Saturday with an audiobook review.

Here’s a bit of a summary. Our main character Nahri is a thief in 18th century Cairo, doing palm readings and “fake” healing to make a living. One day though, something a little…epic happens during one of her cons and our little Nahri summons a djinn warrior, let’s call him tall dark and handsome. Now she’s thrown into this newfound world, a world, that’s she’s told by tall dark and handsome, that’s full of magic and djinn.  This tall dark djinn tells her of an amazing, beautiful city known as Daevabad where he believes Nahri must go because she may find out about her mysterious past.

The rest is all court intrigue and attractive djinn warriors using magic and battling ifrit.

What this summary doesn’t mention is that this story is told from two different perspective. Yes, we follow Nahri as her world is turned upside down and she travels across the desert with Dara (aka tall, dark, and handsome) to Daevabad, but we also follow the second son of the ruler of Daevabad, Ali. Now, the lovely Soneela Nankani narrates both Ali and Nahri and I. Love. Her. She adds so much sass to both of these characters. Her narration is one of my favorites in any audiobook I’ve listen to recently. She is very good at keeping the multitude of characters we meet throughout the story, and the way she’s able to sound awed by the magical world the characters dive into is beautiful.

NOW, let me just say, I’m a mythology junkie. I always passed that portion of my history classes with flying colors because it just fascinates me. Egyptian mythology is one of my favorite mythologies to learn about and this book does it in such a way that, in a way brings it to life. The author, from my understanding is a historian of ancient Egypt and she used a lot of real events/places/people to build the world around these characters. Yes, Daevabad is a made up place, but the author keeps everything very…era appropriate. There’s no futuristic technology, no utopian society, nothing of that sort. It was really refreshing reading about a part of the world and era written by someone who knows so much about it.

Overall this is one of my favorite audiobooks of the year just because of the material and the narrator. I’m kind of easy to please when it comes to audiobooks because I typically only listen to them when I’m driving or working out. I definitely recommend this one to people who are looking for something historical fiction with…a fantasy twist, definitely check this one out! I can only imagine what the sequel will bring 🙂

Have you guys read this one? Or listened to it? What did you think??


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