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2019 goals!

I can not believe we are already into 2019. I wanted to do a small post on some of my goals this year. Every year I set goals and majority of the time I never stick to them. Hopefully this year I can do this and make 2019 so much better.


1. Stay off social media

Now I know this is kinda hypocritical considering blogging is social media, but I want to concentrate more on my blog and less on Twitter and Instagram. I looked at my activity on Instagram last week, 3hrs a day I spent just on that app. So I’ve set my self a timer for 30minutes a day and I get off. I won’t jump back on unless I see a bunch of comments I need to respond too. I feel like this will also help my reading goal.

2. Read more

2018 I read less than 40 books when in 2017 I nearly read 70. This year I just wasn’t motivated to read, but I read some incredible books too. Most of my reads this year were 4 and 5 star reads, so I want quality over quantity. I am putting my goal at 104 this year. That’s atleast two books a week and if I go over great and if I don’t oh well.

3. arcs

Now I know I have a few more arcs left to read but I feel like that’s all I request and talk about. I want to read more adult books and older books on my shelves and with requesting so many arcs I never get to them. So I’ve set my limit to 1-2 arcs a month and that’s it. I feel this will limit my requesting and help clear books off my shelves and help others find some older books to enjoy.

4. Be more engaging

I know I comment on Instagram and go back and forth there, but I never do that on people’s blogs. I want to comment more and engage with other bloggers and see more of there content.

5. Positivity

Now I know we all can’t be rainbows and puppies all the time. I’ve seen so much drama in the book community in 2018. I’m choosing this year to not engage with it. I don’t even want to talk about it. I’m choosing to boost others up rather than sit there and watch people tear them down.

6. Lose Weight

I love body positivity and the whole community. Im not losing weight for looks, cause honestly I could care less. I’m hoping to loose 50-60 pounds to help my diabetes, Ibs and adrenal fatigue. My health issues have dramatically gotten worse as i have put on weight. I’m currently at 201, hopefully by the end of 2019 ill be down to 150.

7. No buying books

I have shelves full of books I haven’t read this year I don’t want to purchase any books except from my book of the month subscription. I go grocery shopping every two weeks and pick up 3-4 books each time, not in 2019 😎. All the books you see me haul will be book of the month or from trades in 2019.


I know some of these will be hard and others will be easy. These are my top goals for 2019 that I hope to stick to all year. What are your goals for 2019?


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