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An Introduction!

Hellooo everyone! I realized something this week while I tried not to cough up a lung at work…I never really introduced myself here on the blog. I mean there is a little “about me” section with a photo, but no real post. Well, I’m here to remedy that today!

Firstly, my name is Adrianne. Most people don’t actually say it how it’s spelled, buuut I don’t really mind. Anyone who’s super close to me calls me Renn. Outside of the inter interwebs I’m a social worker. I just finished training and my supervisor decided to throw me out of the nest right before the whoooole county went on our vacation lol. I’m really passionate about my work, but of course I need to destress and self care which is why I love books and snuggling with my pupper (even though she doesn’t really like to snuggle with me anymore these days).

As a reader I love watching characters grow up, so I guess that’s why I kind of love the YA genre more than adult, but I am trying to branch out a little more recently. I love fantasy and sci-fi and my favorite series are Throne of Glass, Illuminae, Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom, Vicious/The Monsters of Verity, The Infernal Devices and SO many more. I really love morally grey characters. Uhm, some of my favorite tropes are enemies to lovers, the love triangle (I recently read something that made me reconsider this), and found families.

Feel free to tell me your favorite series or recommend your favorite author and I’ll check it out, I’m always open to recommendations!.

2 thoughts on “An Introduction!”

  1. Hi Renn! I’m Lindsay! I think I introduced myself on my blog when I first started it almost 2 years ago but its probably not a bad idea to do it again. 😀 Enemies to lovers is probably my favorite trope too! And a good love triangle! I’ll have to watch your blog really closely for recommendations! I really liked the Grishaverse trilogy recently. I NEED to get to Six of Crows ASAP from what I hear!

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