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Mini December Book Haul

So this week has been a bit of a bear for me. I’ve been sick since before Thanksgiving so it makes finding the motivation to get to work a little difficult. Thankfully God created espresso shots. With that being said I made a few runs to Barnes and Noble for a little pick me up.

Now that the year is winding down, I don’t really find myself looking for too many new releases. I’ve got most of the ones I wanted via subscription boxes or on my kindle, but there was one I was missing. Saga, Vol. 9.

If you haven’t checked out the Saga comics, then you’re missing out. It’s an ongoing series full of humor, suspense, and sorrow. Honestly, it’s got it all, but it should be noted that Saga may be a comic book series, but it is most definitely N O T for children. There are more explicit scenes throughout the series than I can count on one hand. But what’s it about, right? Well it follows two soldiers in a galactic war who fall in love and basically scour the universe for somewhere to raise their child in peace. Little do they know they’re being hunted by…well everyone. Really that’s all there is to it, but for a comic series it’s focus on family and relationships is nothing short of beautiful. Definitely check this out if you’re looking for a new comic book to pick up, especially right now that the creators are on a bit of a hiatus from the series! It’s a good chance to catch up.

Sword and Verse is a book I already previously owned on my kindle, but let’s be real, sometimes it’s nicer to have a physical copy. Plus I loved the cover! And I’d won a giveaway hosted by the author on Twitter earlier this week and received my bookmark and goodies the same night I picked these up. This is one of the books I’d prefer going into not knowing more than what’s in the synopsis, so have a look! Expect a review of this one later on, probably next year.


Raisa was only a child when she was kidnapped and enslaved in Qilara. Forced to serve in the palace of the King, she’s endured hunger, abuse, and the harrowing fear of discovery. Everyone knows that Raisa is Arnath, but not that she is a Learned One, a part of an Arnath group educated in higher order symbols. In Qilara, this language is so fiercely protected that only the King, the Prince, and Tutors are allowed to know it. So when the current Tutor-in-training is executed for sharing the guarded language with slaves and Raisa is chosen to replace her, Raisa knows that, although she may have a privileged position among slaves, any slipup could mean death.

That would be challenging enough, but training alongside Prince Mati could be her real undoing. And when a romance blossoms between them, she’s suddenly filled with a dangerous hope for something she never before thought possible: more. Then she’s approached by the Resistance—an underground army of slaves—to help liberate the Arnath people. Joining the Resistance could mean freeing her people…but she’d also be aiding in the war against her beloved, an honorable man she knows wants to help the slaves.

Working against the one she loves—and a palace full of deadly political renegades—has some heady consequences. As Raisa struggles with what’s right, she unwittingly uncovers a secret that the Qilarites have long since buried…one that, unlocked, could bring the current world order to its knees.

And Raisa is the one holding the key.

If you’ve read either of these and want to chat about it feel free to comment! No spoilers though please!


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