Why I cancelled Scribd and went back to audible

Don't stop just (2)

I have recently been using Scribd for the past few months and have canceled this month because I found they were limiting my usage after listening to only 2 books. That is a bit unfair and lying to your customer base by saying unlimited when in reality they’re not unlimited, which is completely fine, but at least be honest and tell your customers.

I love listening to Audiobooks, sometimes i just do not have time to sit and read. Audible and Scribd are great services, but it comes down to whether or not they’re affordable and what you are getting for your money. They both differ in a few ways, lets dig in.


Audible is an Amazon program for audiobooks. You pay a monthly membership and receive a credit to download a book of your choice. I have seen up to four different membership plans on their website.

Gold Membership ($16.00) – You get one credit a month and a percentage off of Audiobooks.

Platinum Monthly($23.00) – You get two credit a month and a percentage off books.

Gold Annual ($150.00) – Pay once a year and get all 12 credits at once.

Platinum Annual ($230.00) – Pay once a year and get 24 credits all at once.

Channels Plan Monthly ($5.00) – You can listen to all the channels, but you get no credits towards audiobooks.


Scribd is a service that offers magazines, audiobooks, ebooks, and notes for college students to share with others. It helped me through my Psychology class in college.

They claim you get Unlimited Acess to audiobooks, ebooks and anything else they have available.


While both are great services I wanted to compare things together.

Audible is $16 a month for 1 audio credit, while Scribd you pay $9 and possibly get unlimited access to their library.

Audible offers a higher plan of $23 for two credits, but Scribd still beats with claims for unlimited access.

I have used both services and canceled both to go through everything thoroughly. Both are very simple to cancel.


When you cancel Audible you get to keep all of the audiobooks you currently have. Scribd you lose all access to everything unless you keep that membership. You basically are paying for access to a ‘premium’ library and lose access after canceling, but is it better than audible?

No. I found after using Scribd for a few months I was being constantly limited after listening to only two books, but wait don’t they claim to be unlimited? I found quite a few people in the community pointing this out. I wasn’t aware they could limit, but apparently, it’s in the fine print and they do it to make sure that authors and publishers are getting paid and don’t lose money for their work.

For me, this isn’t going to work because I listen to more than two books a month. I went back to audible and I did this because I can easily return books through their chat feature if it isn’t something I like or want to keep to listen to again.  I also have my overdrive app on my phone and constantly checking out audiobooks.

Honestly, Scribd is probably a better deal, but being deceptive just leaves a bad taste. I won’t be joining their service again. I hope in the future they make differing packages and prices for their customers instead of lying and deciving them. I have found a new app called HiBooks and am contemplating testing it out or not.

What has been your experience with these services? I also want to apologize for recommending this service to anyone in the past as I wasn’t aware of them limiting people and being deceitful about their service. If you only listen to two audiobooks a month and want the cheaper price, then it could be the perfect service for you, it just doesn’t work for me.



10 thoughts on “Why I cancelled Scribd and went back to audible

  1. I had the same experience with Scribd and cancelled it. Someone recommended Hibooks to me which is $12.99/month and has been unlimited for me so far! I have listened to 4 audiobooks so far this month with no problems. I am impressed with the selection as well. I think it is worth checking out!

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  2. Great post! I am having the same problem with Scribd. Currently, it says that I won’t be able to listen until October 24th, which is conveniently after my month renews. I normally listen to audiobooks on my commute to and from work and thought Scribd would be amazing. Sadly I can’t justify it.

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    1. I was getting the same thing. I listen to most of my books on audio because there’s just no time for me to sit down and read. I couldn’t justify keeping it either just for two. I was recommended hibooks so you might look into it as well. From what I’ve heard you get unlimited for $12.99 a month.


  3. I was about to write a blog post about this!!! When I realized they did this, before I used the service fully, I emailed them and asked for a refund! I read their Terms/Agreement and apparently they reserve the right to remove any content for ANY reason at any time. Talk about false advertising!

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    1. Yes, it’s such false advertising and lying to their customers. If they would have come out and just said they limited after so many it would have been fine. I’ve heard hibooks isn’t as bad so I will be looking into them.

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  4. I have heard this from a lot of Scribd users. The limitation sounds like it sucks, for a service that claims to be unlimited. I understand that they have to pay authors and all that, but don’t deceive the people paying your bills. I don’t listen to audiobooks, for personal reasons, but I would be disappointed if I did that they limited me after listening to only 2 of them. I had recommended scribd to a few people, but those that want it for audiobooks, I will definitely steer them clear of after reading this. Thanks for sharing your experience, Courtney!

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    1. Thank you. Yes it is so sad how they are lying to their customers. I have heard hibooks is quite amazing so you might recommend it instead of scribd. I will be trying them out soon to see if it is good or not.

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