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Blog tour – The sacrifice Box by Martin Stewart




Sep, Arkle, Mack, Lamb and Hadley: five friends thrown together one hot, sultry summer. When they discover an ancient stone box hidden in the forest, they decide to each make a sacrifice: something special to them, committed to the box for ever. And they make a pact: they will never return to the box at night; they’ll never visit it alone; and they’ll never take back their offerings.

Four years later, the gang have drifted apart. Then a series of strange and terrifying events take place, and Sep and his friends understand that one of them has broken the pact.

As their sacrifices haunt them with increased violence and hunger, they realise that they are not the first children to have found the box in their town’s history. And ultimately, the box may want the greatest sacrifice of all: one of them.


I was asked to be part of this blog tour and I’m not gonna lie I really didn’t know what to expect from this book. This novel was quite a ride and I loved it. The sacrifice box is a supernatural thriller set in the 80s. You never really understand what island they are located on as it is never made clear in the book.

Your mc is sep. sep and his friends Arkle, Lamb, Hadley and Mack found a box years ago and made a a sacrifice to it, to always be friends and love each other. Well now someone has broken the rules and things are going crazy. The rules are to never come back to the box alone, never come back after dark and to never take back your sacrifice. Each other their sacrifices has come back to them, basically haunting them and trying to kill them. The five of them must figure out what has gone wrong and how to fix it.

The first half of this book is super slow as you are learning about each character and their life. How they went from being friends to drifting apart. The second half picks up very quickly and so much happens in such a short time frame. You have every form of apocalyptic creature coming at them, zombies, wicked dolls, crows that follow them around and way more. There is a bit of descriptiveness as some of the animals are described as being inside out and their flesh splitting apart, so caution on the gore if it’s not your thing,

The one thing the whole book surrounded on was friendship and love. The five had had such a great bond that summer and had so much love for each other. But over the years they had fallen apart drifting to there own friend circles. The book showed how friendship can impact your life and show you love. Sep had drifted off from his friends and was lonely. All he had was his academic career going for him and nothing else.

This definitelygives off vibes of Stranger Things, just a bit stranger. You have your group of misfits and the 80s references are hilarious. It is a bit more darker than stranger things, but it was still a fun read.

Overall this was a great read. Sacrifice box had way more to the story than I expected and I loved how everything tied together and gave the perfect ending. Definitely a book to read around Halloween.

Will you be reading the sacrifice box?

Also a big thank you to Penguin for sending me an arc and a finished copy of this book. 💗


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