Queer Eye – Season 1



A new Fab Five set out to Atlanta to help the city’s straight men refine their wardrobes, grooming, diet, cultural pursuits, and home décor.

The Guys 


From Left to Right 
Tan France (Fashion), Jonathan Van Ness (Grooming),
Bobby Berk (Interior Design), Karamo Brown (Culture),
Antoni Porowski (Food And Wine).


Each guy brings something very unique and special to the show. They are all super amazing and hilarious. You see them joke and cut up, but they are all super open about coming out and there childhood. You can’t help but love each of them.

Each episode is unique, you never really see the same thing over. Every episode they are helping someone to put themselves out there and live their truth. They help give men and women confidence that they didn’t seem to have before or just wasn’t there first priority.

Jonathan is easily my favorite guy on the show with his humor and his awesome outlook on life. He had me laughing and crying all through the show. Tan is also super sweet and loves his hair (Same Tan, same).Bobby is the quirkest and sweetest of them all. he is hilarious and is right along side Jonathon making jokes and cracking everyone up. Karamo brings own unique humor to the show. He his just as hilarious and caring. Antoni is one of the most creative and funninest chefs ive ever seen.

When I found the show I remembered the original one and wondered who they would bring on and I was not disappointed. This is the greatest group of guy I’ve ever seen on a show together.

Season 1 you watched us meet guest after guest each one bringing something different to the episode. This season was full of laughter and crying. It was one hell of an emotional roller coaster.

Karamo had an episode with a police officer where they were able to take a moment and talk about relations between black people and the police. I thought it was pretty cool to see both of them talk and work things out. Another episode Bobby had trouble going to a home because the family was religious. He grew up hearing gays were bad, and going to hell. Bobby didnt know what to expect. He and the guest were also able to take a moment and talk, it left me in tears it was so fantastic.

At the end of each episode you get to seem them watch the guest put all there lessons to the test to see if they payed attention. The guys put so much work and love into each guest wanting them to be truly happy and living there truth. They were always so caring and respective to the guest while also cracking them up laughing. They were essentially cracking the guest shell so his true shelf could come out and shine.

Overall this was a short and emotional season. I loved every minute of seeing these guys help people and give them their confidence back. I can not wait to start season 2 and see where it goes. I love the fab 5 and hope that this show goes on for seasons to come.




4 thoughts on “Queer Eye – Season 1

  1. Great review. ♥ I’m a few episodes into season 1 and adore them all so much. Jonathan is my favorite too, though Antoni is a close second. My favorite episode so far has been the one with the gay man coming out to his step-mother. I literally sobbed when he came out to her and she was so supportive. I feel like you could tell she already knew and was just waiting for him to tell her.


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