Favorite Disney Songs

So today I wanted to do something simple and fun. I was such a Disney kid at heart and had so many VHS tapes of Disney movies and soundtracks. You all remember the VHS tapes right? I’m not that old yet, lol.

Today I wanted to share my favorite songs from some of my favorite Disney movies ever. We each have faves I don’t think I could ever narrow it down to just one I loved the most. there’s too many to choose from.

Oliver and Company were one of my favorites growing up and this song is so underrated. I never get tired of listening to this over and over. This movie shows how you survive being poor and in poverty with others around you and to always do the right thing.

Now I love the lion king, but this is the absolute saddest moment for me. Kovu was always treated so badly because of what scar did. This one is another underrated one to me. Lion king shows how you can put your differences aside and come together as one.

The little mermaid is one of the cutest movies I grew up watching. Under the sea sticks with me mainly because it tells that just because others have something you want does not mean the grass is greener on the other side and to appreciate what you have.

While I’m talking about the little mermaid, Ursula is one of my favorite Disney villains. Ursula showed how people can take advantage of you when you are down and out of luck.

Sleeping Beauty is one of my absolute favorites so it’s no shock it’s on this list. Once upon a dream is a beautiful song and in the movie Maleficent it is even better.

What were some of your favorite Disney songs as a kid?



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