Movie Review – Annihilation

I didn’t really know what to expect with this movie. From the trailer, It gave off under the dome type vibes. It deals with a shimmer that has borders and everyone that has gone in doesn’t come back out. If it is not stopped it will keep growing and destroy everything in its path.

This movie deals quite a bunch with biology and science so you’re left with questions even by the ending. The movie was fascinating with how it mutated everything from flowers to animals to seeing ice trees. You got to see so many mutations and for the most part, the forest was beautiful. The Creatures were something made from nightmares. They so incredibly atrocious and vile. I don’t think I’ll ever sleep after seeing the damn bear.

I really don’t think can put into words everything that happened in this movie. At times I was just dumbfounded and others I was left wondering how something so vile could come from something so normal in the beginning.

I will say if you don’t like gore or any type of horror movies to totally skip this as there are a few scenes with a lot of blood. *Spoilers* One scene shows a man getting his stomach cut open with something inside him. Another scene is the bear eating a woman and the bottom half of her mouth is ripped away.

I did enjoy the movie, it won’t be something that ill be jumping with excitement to rewatch anytime soon though. I think the story and biology aspects of it could have been explained or at least simplified a bit better throughout the movie so that the viewer understood more of what was happening. I was left at the end still wondering how everything happened. Maybe that was the writer’s original point was to get you thinking to try and wrap your head around everything.

Overall it is a good movie if you get into science and biology type of things. This definitely was not one for me as I cringed at certain parts and was just overall at a loss for words. I will say the writer for this film as one hell of an imagination and that alone is impressive.

Have you watched Annihilation? What did you think?


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