Movie Review – Love, Simon

F84A411F-2FD6-4FB3-B5F7-C492B6BD873FSide note, I have never read Becky’s book Simon vs. I want to now even more and defiantly need too. This movie was so adorable and cute.

Another side note though I hate Martin and he’s canceled. What he did to Simon is Trash and he doesn’t serve anything. Simons character was so sweet and he just wanted to be open and love who he wanted, Martin walked all over him.

From the beginning of the movie, you can see Simon is so tense when anything about being gay gets brought up because he doesn’t know how anyone will react. He’s so worried that his family, friends and the world will hate him.

His sister is the cutest and I love her for being so supportive and open to Simon. His mom was so open about it too. I saw at the beginning of the movie that there would be a struggle with the Dad and how that would affect Simon coming out to them. He does make some pretty awful jokes throughout the movie and being gay.

I really loved how Simons relationship with blue started over email. They never judged each other based off looks or who was popular. They genuinely got to know each other and fell in love. It really added something unique to the movie. I really loved how throughout the movie you go through it with Simon trying to figure out who blue is. I will tell you I thought I knew, but I was wrong.

Can we also just praise the theater teacher! She was amazing in every aspect of the movie. I want to be her when I grow up! She was such an amazing actor and deserves a lot for her role.

Overall I loved every second of this movie, it had me laughing and crying the entire time. It also brought up a good point. Why is straight the default? Why are people so quick to judge and make fun of someone just because their sexuality is different. I hope everyone who watched this movie learns something from it.

Have you watched Love, Simon? What did you think?



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