Movie Review – Jumanji


I watched the original 1995 movie in middle school and loved Jumanji. Robin Williams was such an incredible actor and made the movie what it was. I was skeptical of this new film because I didn’t want it to be a crappy remake and no tribute to Robin Williams and it wasn’t anything like that. Jumanji was a completely different movie compared to the 95 film and had the original family play a role as well.

This movie was absolutely hilarious but anything with the rock and Kevin Hart you know will be funny.

Each actor had a special role from the original person to the person in the game. The rock had been a nerdy kid transformer into well the rock. Kevin Hart had been your typical tall high school football player jock. Jack Black had been a selfish self-absorbed high school girl. Karen Gillan has been a high school girl so focused on school she forgot to have fun.

Jack Black honestly was the funniest character as he plays Bethany changing from a high school girl to a middle-aged white man in the game. She is fascinated throughout the movie with how her penis works and its juvenile humor, but its funny none the less.

You watch each of their characters change in the beginning and grow as they go through the game. Bethany’s character had the biggest growth to me. The relationships between all 4 to the end were amazing and had so much growth.

The part that made me most impressed was when they got to the hut. They showed written in a log “Alan Parrish was here” which was Robin Williams character. It was a small moment that acknowledged him from the original and was really cool.

Overall this is completely different from the original film. I wouldn’t even compare them or call it a remake. Both movies are interwoven together but completely different at the same time. I was really happy to see that. If you haven’t watched Jumanji yet I highly encourage you too. You will laugh so hard just at the rock and Kevin Hart, much less Jack black and all the others.

Have you watched Jumanji? Did you love it?



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