Movie Review – CoCo (Spoiler Free)


This movie…ahhh all the feels. This was the absolute most heartfelt and amazing movie I’ve seen in awhile. Coco has such a meaningful message behind it that family always comes first.

The movie is based around Mexican culture and their holiday dia de muertos (day of the dead). They put up pictures and items to honor past loved ones and let them come over and join in the celebrations.

Coco is about a little boy named Miguel who loves and wants to play music. He has hidden away his love of music because his great great great grandfather left his wife to become a musician and abandoned his family.

His family does not allow any form of music to be played or listened to at all. When they see people try to influence Miguel to music they throw fits and banish them. So when Miguel tried to steal his grandfathers’ guitar, he is thrown into the other side with the dead.

Miguel is thrown into this amazing colorful world and shown that family is above all else and that when those before us are forgotten they vanish.

The animations, colors and feels throughout this movie blew me away. I haven’t cried during a movie since I watched monsters call. Miguel is such a sweet little boy and his character growth throughout the movie is incredible as he learns about his family and who he is.

If you love any form of Disney movies that have a really heartfelt message and such wonderful characters you will love this movie. I will probably watch it two or three more times after writing this.


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