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Social Media and Self Care

The Past few months I’ve noticed myself losing the motivation to keep up my blog and my social media accounts. When I started blogging I was doing it for the fun and sheer joy of sharing my opinions and reviews on my favorite books. I’ve been blogging for a little over a year and I’ve noticed some things that I myself have been doing to suck the joy right out of it. some of the stuff I’ve noticed


  1. I put myself on a schedule instead of posting whenever I want.

Now if a schedule works for you, great I’m happy for you. Scheduling has become a pain for me because it makes me fill limited to when I can post and how much.

My goal for the next few months I’m just gonna post whenever I like and see how it works for me. I put so much focus on when to post to get the most views I didn’t find any joy in blogging anymore, I want to change that.

2. I put so much pressure on myself to have the best photos and the best blog posts

I think all bloggers go through this at one point or another. You want to be the best who wouldn’t. You want to have the best bookstagram photos or the best reviews. This mindset can lead you down a path and then you end up wanting to not blog anymore.

The goal for me is to just do my best on my photos and blog posts and go on. I don’t want to sit at my computer and pick my photos and posts to pieces and feel like shit anymore. I want to be proud of the content I create.

3. Caring about followers

Now, this was probably my biggest problem for about the last 6 months. I started caring about blog followers and Instagram followers because I wanted my numbers to get bigger and bigger.

My Goal is to delete my Instagram and start over (Already Done). I also don’t look at any of my stats anymore and focus more on my engagement and reading great books.

4. Worrying what others think

Others have got to be doing this or I’m just absolutely ridiculous. I worry myself about everything I type. Whether or not it will make someone angry or upset. I’ve seen others on twitter rip each other apart over a BOOK like it can be terrifying

I want to start posting more content that I love and are things from my everyday life. I don’t want anyone to ever be angry at me and I think that is my main issue. I want to be me and post stuff about things I’m doing every day. I bet yall didn’t know I love Destiny 2 and I own a switch and play the crap out of Mario Kart, see my point. I wanna connect with others on every base of something, be it books, video games or tv shows.

Always practice self-care if things get too much take a break and come back later. I know I have taken 1 week from blogging in the past year and sometimes it’s easy to get burned out or you start doing the things I mentioned above. Your mental health should never be compromised for blogging. If you’re not happy with things on your blog change it. Do you, be yourself. If people unfollow you let them go on and you’ll find your group of bloggers who will change everything for you. I know I have and I appreciate each one of them and their continuous support.

If you have taken anything from this post its that YOU matter first, not a blog. Your blog will always be here when you are ready to come back.

Courtney πŸ’›

7 thoughts on “Social Media and Self Care”

  1. Great points here! We should worry about the important things of “connecting and writing for enjoyment” rather than “checking the numbers” because the numbers are not important. Thank-you for sharing! πŸ™‚

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  2. I think most bloggers can relate to the points you’ve made. It’s hard not to compare ourselves to others that we perceive to be more successful. But, honestly, the blogs I come back to again and again are the ones where the authors are keeping it real and writing about what they love, not forcing themselves to produce cookie-cutter content to get better figures. I would personally love to hear about your gaming and other hobbies.

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  3. I’ve been going through similar feelings with my own blog, but this is a great perspective. Thank you for sharing this! I’m trying especially hard to stop caring about followers too! Also please don’t feel afraid to share more about your life, I love getting to know bloggers through their posts.

    Chloe x

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  4. This is a great post that every blogger should read! I do have a schedule, just because I’m so busy if I don’t hold myself to something I’ll never post lol. But social media definitely does take a toll on a person.

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