My Favorite Essential Oil Combos


I’m big into essential oils mainly for diffusing and making my home smell good. Recently I found a few combos that really help with different things. Young Living is the only essential oil brand so far that I have found that is safe for your skin. I use their peppermint for my hellish sinus headaches and it works amazing for getting rid of them faster than my liquid Advil, but I’m rambling again so let’s dig in.


This brand is my favorite, my sister in law won it in a giveaway and gave it to me. I only use this brand in my diffuser so I’m not sure whether or not it is safe for your skin or ingesting it internally. Lime and Eucalyptus have done some amazing work on my sinuses. This combo leaves my Kitchen Smelling citrusy and fresh.


Now, this might sound weird to some of you but give it a try and you will easily see why I love it. My garbage disposal can smell awful at times and if it gets bad enough, it can stink up the entire kitchen. I saw this on Beauty & The Beastons Youtube channel. I put about 2 drops of each in my disposal and it completely gets rid of the smell. I admit, I thought it was bullshit at first too, but it really works.


Now, this combo I don’t use often unless I really just want a sweet tangy orange smell in my bedroom. I have taken sleeping medications for as far back as I can remember to help me fall asleep before 2 am. I use to get about 2-4 hours of sleep a night because hormones and health issues made it a bitch to fall asleep. I learned lavender could help and thought what the hell and gave it a shot. I never thought I would see the nights that I fall asleep before 2am much less midnight. I fall asleep around 11pm, I know but its progress. I keep a huge bottle of lavender on top of about 4 of these little bottles of it. Lavender is also one of those scents that mix good with any scent, I haven’t found a bad combo yet.


Again with lavender, but I really on use this combo in the spring for my allergies. Sometimes if I have a sinus headache ill mix in some peppermint oil as well to help. This is really my go-to anytime my sinuses even slightly come into play. This Spring in Texas has done a number on my allergies and let me tell you no medication is working to get rid of them, so these oils have been my lifesaver.


Peppermint is a very good one by itself. I have used it in the diffuser in my bathroom and the whole room will smell like a candy cane factory. Now mix it will the lime oil and you have a sweet pepperminty smell mixed with a citrusy smell. This combo I have only used in the last month because it leaves every room smelling so clean when in reality I’m completely lazy and did nothing. This combo has been my go to when I have an appointment for showing the house.


I really don’t know when I start using this pair together. As you can tell I’m a sucker for the citrus smells and I’ll mix just about anything with Eucalyptus. I love mixing these two together and it leaves my kitchen smelling so good and you no longer sneeze your head off either, so hey there’s a bonus.

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully found a few new combos you can use. If you use essential oils, what are some of your favorites?



4 thoughts on “My Favorite Essential Oil Combos

  1. I love essential oils! I use peppermint whenever I feel a headache coming on, blood orange when I’m feeling stressed, eucalyptus when I’m congested, and thieves when I feel like I’m getting sick (or if someone I work closely with is sick). I also have ginger, which is supposed to be good for nausea, but I’ve never really noticed any difference.


  2. I’ll have to try the combination for my garbage. Especially with baby diapers!!!! I love using essential oils, I use Young Living Thieves in my diffuser to help keep the air clean. I love lavender though, it’s by far my favourite! I’m

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  3. Love essential oils! It was nice to read about some new combos, and ideas for usage. Except for in an instance where I’m maybe trying to get rid of unpleasant odour etc, I usually don’t use them on their own, or in combination with each other.


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