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Mental Health Book Recs


I’ve seen some people tweet or post on Instagram that they can’t find any books that deal with mental health or they can’t find any that deal with this one specific illness like OCD or Anxiety. Mental Health is extremely important and books can help show you what others go through with an illness or you already have it and know you are not alone, that others suffer from this same illness.

These types of books represent people and the things they go through. I know the books with OCD and Social Anxiety mean the world to me. Representation is extremely important for anything, race, religion, mental health, etc. Everyone wants to find themselves represented in some way and I agree. Now I’m just rambling, so let’s dig in.

Book I’ve Read

Queens of Geek was my first book that dealt with a mental illness. One of the MCs has social anxiety and is on the autism spectrum. It was amazing to finally see myself in a book. I’m not gonna lie, I cried reading this book because forever I thought I was just the freak of nature that couldn’t even go into a store without panicking.

Optimists die first and Goodbye days both deal with guilt and anxiety around someone’s death. They both show how easy it is to blame yourself for something that was out of your control and you couldn’t have changed it.

The Color Project and They Both Die at The End deal with Anxiety. TBDATE deals with a heavier form of anxiety in my opinion than Color project does, but they both show how you can work things up in your head and make the world out to be something so horrible when in reality you can make it beautiful and an amazing place to be.

Turtles all the way down was my first OCD read and it was fucking accurate. The MC has a germ thing where she will wash her hands or eat soap three to four times. I’ve never read a book and went holy shit, that’s me. I don’t eat soap though, my mind attaches to the idea that somehow my home will burn down while I’m gone. I’ve gone back in 4 times on several occasions to make sure the stove is off or my straightener is unplugged. OCD books are my favorite now because they have shown me that I’m not alone, that there are others with this same illness. This book I believe is also own voices, the author suffers from OCD as well.

Before I read What I lost I had no idea what an eating disorder was or how it affected people. What I Lost shows the struggle of getting out of it and gaining control back. Emmmabooks talked about the book in her Video. She has been through this mental illness and can speak for the Rep.

Astonishing Color of after dealt with depression and Suicide. It showed how one day you could be happy and over the moon, then the next day you don’t even want to get out of bed. The book showed the trauma of the illness and the pain a persons loved ones go through just wanting to help that person. Astonishing shows how someone can get so depressed that they want to end there. It shows how hard it is for the family, trying to figure out why what they could have done to prevent it. Astonishing is a book filled with pain and magic, but it shows just how bad depression can be and why it is important to get help with any illness.

Books I Haven’t Read


These I have not read yet, but I’ve heard great things about there rep. Now I haven’t read these so I’m just going to list the books and what reps they may contain.

Eliza and Her monsters deals with severe anxiety.
Girl Against the Universe someone told me has anxiety rep.
History is all you left me has OCD rep.
Under rose tainted skies I believe deals with anxiety and OCD.
Twelve steps to normal deals with deals with addiction.
A tragic kind of wonderful has Bipolar rep.
Finding Aubrey is about anxiety.
Word on the bathroom walls deals with Schizophrenia.
Sad Perfect is about an eating disorder.
Four weeks, five people represent a number of mental illness
from OCD to anxiety to eating disorders.
How to disappear deals with Social Anxiety.
Perfect deals with OCD.

See why these books are important. Just these I’ve posted about represent so many people in the world. You learn and grow from them even if you suffer from no mental illness. I hope your able to pick some of these titles up and enjoy them as I have.

What are your favorite mental health books?

Courtney 💛

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  1. Wow! I had NO idea there were so many books that featured rep for mental health! I want to read What I Lost & Queens Of Geel so badly it’s not funny! Great post!

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