5 Tips for New Book Bloggers.

My Blog is almost a year old and through that year I have learned a bit about blogging and myself. When you start out blogging you go through a number of emotions being excited, angry, discouraged, happy, etc. You have your only space and on the internet and you can’t wait for it to be a huge thing in your life and hope that you can make something come of it. These are some tips for the New Bloggers out there no matter how long you have been blogging.

  1. Don’t blog strictly for getting followers or Arcs. 

Now hear me out. Yes, Arcs and followers are a great benefit, but if that is your only reason for blogging about books you are going to quickly become discouraged and angry. Blog about books because it is your passion, not because you can get free books. Arcs are kind of the cherry on top of blogging, but don’t let it discourage you from blogging if publishers never send them to you.

2.You do not have to review only new releases

When I started blogging this time last year I thought I had to review only new release so that people would read my blog and follow. Read whatever you want to read, whether that is romance, historical fiction, thriller, adult fiction, young adult. Read what makes you happy, because if you are only reading what is popular just for views you will find yourself in a slump like I did questioning whether or not you want to continue blogging.

3.You do not have to have a fancy website starting out.

Now what I mean by this is that you do not have to have your own domain and invest everything you have into graphics and domains. I just recently purchased graphics from @ThatBookGal this past month. Once you start blogging consistently and see that you want to keep your blogging going for longer than a year, then invest in graphics or a layout. I wouldn’t invest right when you start because if you end up not enjoying it or giving it up because life does happen you have wasted no money.

4.Have at least one social media outlet

Having at least one social media outlet going can be extremely beneficial to your blog starting out. Whether its Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Litsy, etc. It can help you to interact with other bloggers and bookworms and help to bring in more traffic to your blog. You also make some great friends along the way who can help give you tips on what can make your blog better. I’ve gained so many online friends this past year from blogging that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

5.Be consistent with your posts and topics.

Don’t post once a month and expect to have a 1,000 followers in the first year. Post consistently once to three times a week to bring a consistent flow to your blog. Now whether you post about books, beauty, or recipes you have to be consistent in your topics. I started out talking about everything on two blogs before this one and they both failed. If you want to blog about books, keep it about books, it is okay to throw in a personal post or add a different topic every now and then, but don’t call yourself a book blogger and then all you post is recipes and beauty reviews, see what I am saying. Stick to once niche, don’t have a zillion things on your blog or people tend to not follow that. if that is something you want to do, then I would highly recommend labeling yourself as a lifestyle blogger.

I hope these help you out in some way, whether to remind you that you don’t have to read the most popular books to get views or helping you see that you can be happy just posting about whatever book you read this week that made you happy. Blogging should be fun and about a passion you enjoy, not a chore that you come to hate and don’t want to do anymore. I think a few blogger loose sight of that and end up losing their passion for books over time.



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