Bookish things im a Grinch about!

This is meant to be a fun post about things that annoy you and others love. I’m the least grinchy person on the planet. I am loving all the holidays and Christmas music right now. My favorite Christmas song is “Have your self a merry little Christmas by Frank Sinatra”. Do you have a favorite Christmas song? Let’s dig into what bookish things make me grinchy!

  1. Cover Changes

Some cover changes are just so annoying, they do it mid-series and then I end up having to buy the series all over again. Some of the cover changes are just awful, they really don’t upgrade the cover at all. Like I get it for marketing and giving the series a new look, but like come on, really. Don’t even get me started on Tower of dawn. Some covers changes are great, like Ember in the ashes new covers are amazing. I’m annoyed I have to buy the whole series again, but the new covers are way better.

2. NA Virgin thing

I’ve read a few NA Romance and it seems that if you are not a virgin, the guy can in no way have you because you are not pure, wtf?? Its such bullshit, I get it if it is a religious romance book, but a new adult and nothing about the topic revolves are religion in any way what so ever. The guy just wants her if no one else has. That just portrays things like you cant be loved unless you are pure, which is bullshit.

3. Stalker to Lover Trope

This one I just dislike so MUCH!! Like what sane girl is going to fall in love with her freakin STALKER!! It is the stupidest trope ever to me and I… no, just no.

4. Stickers on Books

Just why! I cant get the damn things off and they leave sticky residue behind. I hate it just stop with the stickers.

5. When the publishers change the sizes of the book

Now I have a book that is smaller than the rest of the series. This is super annoying, especially since I like everything to match and look good. I don’t get why a publisher changes the change the size, so annoying.

Well, these are the things that annoy me. What are some things that make you super grinchy?



7 thoughts on “Bookish things im a Grinch about!

  1. The size thing bugs me! I have a series with 12 books and the last book is taller. I recently saw that book has been rereleased with the smaller cover. I’m foing to have to get it. Thankfully, the cover art didn’t change.

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  2. Oh and on the virgin note. I hate when a book guy sleeps with a virgin and in that moment realizes she’s a virgin because of how she feels. That’s like some archaic idea that all women bleed the first time or that it hurts. Not always the case!

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