Books Im Thankful For!

With the Holidays coming around, we think about all of the things we are thankful for. These are just some of the books I’m thankful for!

  1. The Color Project


This is one of the few books I have found that handled the topic of wanting to wait to get married before having sex. That was a heavy topic in my and my husband’s relationship when we were dating. I’m so thankful for a book that brought the topic up and handled it so well.

2. They Both Die At The End


This book was amazing and handled anxiety and death so well for me. It showed me to live life to the fullest and be open to what the world has to offer. This is one of my favorite books and I love it.

3. Queens of Geek


The book for me described my own anxiety so well. I related to one of the Mcs so much, this was my first book reading about anxiety, before this book I didn’t really understand that anyone else could deal with the same issues as me. It was so amazing to find even a character from a book suffering with the same mental issues as me.

4. This Savage Song


For me, this book has an amazing meaning. It shows that all monsters are not bad and that some of the most wonderful looking people in the world are monsters. It was such an amazing series, that I’m thankful for it and some of the lessons it held.

5. Turtles All The Way Down


I didn’t think I would love this novel as much as I did, but I am so thankful for the OCD rep. The MC was so relatable with her OCD and behaviors. I’m so thankful for a book that lets people understand the behaviors and how people try and deal with their illness.

These are some of the books I am most thankful for. What books are you most thankful for?



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